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How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

If you live in the U.S. and are unable to work due to an illness or injury (or a combination of illnesses or injuries,) you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Before applying for dis(...)

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Spelling bee kids battle into the night
when they go to the dictionary there was one copy only for the pronouncer who already mentioned that the words are small and she can't see very well. I wan(...)
03 24, 2014 | 06:54 Report Abuse
Lawsuit Filed Against Jody Kriss, Former Bayrock Executive & Founder of East River Partners
Have you seen the stuff reported in the NY Post about Jody Kriss and this lawsuit? If not you should google it. You might also want to read
03 19, 2014 | 14:56 Report Abuse
Man Charged With Murder In Filer Pleads Not Guilty
Bradley F.James needs two do his time in the state prison in Boise I'd. Bradley's killed a dad who has a daughter that's nine years old now and was iam boy(...)
03 01, 2014 | 03:06 Report Abuse
Second Oregon sex offender at Umatilla prison dies unexpectedly in just nine days
I am the Great Uncle of Damian Banks. He was found with numorous broken ribs and beaten pretty bad. Did the beating come from another prisoner or a guard(...)
02 26, 2014 | 16:43 Report Abuse
Soldier gets 12 years in Christmas Day killing at Alaska base
How are DUI convictions found online?(...)
02 05, 2014 | 13:40 Report Abuse
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To Stuart Droker, in Vista
When we seperated, I was making $10,000 per month. The court granted $2750 monthly spousal support. I am now making less than $6000 per month with expens(...)
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To Andre Self, in Christain County
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To Any Judge, in Superior Court House
Please explain how settlement can be granted on a legal document that has not been authenticated as to signature. (Forgery/fraud?)(...)
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To Allen B. Honeycutt, in Torrance Court House
Judge Honeycutt; I would like to Thank you for the way you handled my son Ruben M. Martinez. Since he has been in jail he has had time to reflect back to h(...)
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Latest Court News
05, Mar 2015 - Prison no-show cleared in new robbery case
Cornealious Anderson never served time for Missouri armed robbery due to clerical error; now authorities say he was wrongly accused of purse-snatching
05, Mar 2015 - Here's the latest Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont news from The Associated Press
Exasperated New Englanders still digging out from three major storms that left 6 feet of snow in many areas are bracing for what's expected to be another punishing winter blast. The National Weather Service has issued...
05, Mar 2015 - Key issues for jurors in Colorado theater shooting trial
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Jury selection in the Colorado theater shooting case is going faster than expected, and attorneys will start questioning individual jurors Wednesday, about a week sooner than first thought.
05, Mar 2015 - Browse News
After deliberating for about five hours, a federal jury today convicted Mikal Xylon Wilde of six charges, including the murder of one of the men working his Kneeland marijuana farm in 2010. Wilde faces life in federal prison when sentenced in the case on June 3.
05, Mar 2015 - Jury deliberations end for day in Jodi Arias case - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News,
PHOENIX (AP) - Jurors at the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial have gone home without deciding whether the convicted murderer should be sentenced to death or life in prison for killing her lover.
05, Mar 2015 - TransCanada suspends efforts to acquire Nebraska land for pipeline amid legal challenge
OMAHA, Neb. - Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) is temporarily suspending efforts to seize Nebraska land for the Keystone Pipeline XL amid a legal challenge. A Holt County District judge issued a temporary injunction Thursday, keeping TransCanada from invoking eminent domain along the
05, Mar 2015 - Regional governor in Russia arrested on corruption charges - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missou
MOSCOW (AP) - A Moscow court has ordered the governor of the Russian Pacific Island of Sakhalin to be held in custody on charges of accepting a $5.6-million bribe.
05, Mar 2015 - Pa. High Court Takes Up Gov. Wolf’s Death Penalty Moratorium
A Supreme Court order issued Tuesday granted the request by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to review the policy announced by the governor last month.
05, Mar 2015 - Victim in wrong-way crash was running from feds after drug deal, records show
The driver who died in a wrong-way crash Tuesday was speeding away from federal agents who were undercover at a drug deal, according to court documents.
05, Mar 2015 - Man jailed for pet shop arson
Apologies didn’t sway a Nevada judge who sentenced a man on Monday to four to 10 years in prison for setting fire to a pet shop where 27 puppies and dogs were rescued after sprinklers doused flames.
05, Mar 2015 - Buswell charged with ramming police car
A man serving time in a Minnesota jail is charged in Chippewa County of ramming a squad car waiting for him to arrive at a town of Lake Holcombe residence in the early morning hours of Aug. 15, 2014.
05, Mar 2015 - Judge Won't Force Twitter to Reveal Anonymous Trolls
They, after all, have First Amendment rights too.
05, Mar 2015 - Woman accused of killing son, granddaughter unfit for trial
ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan judge says a 65-year-old woman accused of slashing the throat of her disabled son and fatally beating her 7-month-old granddaughter has been found unfit for trial.
05, Mar 2015 - Delaware man gets prison in Craigslist tryst with 'teen'
MEDIA, Pa. (AP) - A Delaware man will spend three to six years in prison after pleading guilty to driving to Pennsylvania for a sexual tryst with what he believed was a 15-year-old boy he had met on Craigslist.
05, Mar 2015 - Vt. lawmakers hear testimony on expanded DNA collection bill
A bill before lawmakers would expand the collection of DNA samples from people convicted of misdemeanor crimes.
05, Mar 2015 - Oklahoma Court Records, Oklahoma teen has charges changed in killing of Australian
By Heide Brandes OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - A 17-year-old Oklahoma man originally charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of an Australian athlete has been charged as an accessory to first-degree murder, court records released on Friday said. James Edwards Jr. had his first-degree murder charge dismissed in exchange for his cooperation with the prosecution of two teenagers charged ...
05, Mar 2015 - Dramatic and bizarre US trial of 'Manchester bomb plotter' nears climax
Abid Naseer is accused of plotting to blow up Manchester's Arndale shopping centre. Over the past fortnight, the jurors in Brooklyn's federal district courthouse have watched a most unusual trial unfold.
05, Mar 2015 - Michigan Woman Accused of Killing Son, Granddaughter Unfit For Trial
A Michigan judge says a 65-year-old woman accused of slashing the throat of her disabled son and fatally beating her 7-month-old granddaughter is unfit for trial.
05, Mar 2015 - Judge Griffen with an idea on prison crowding; he might find a friend in governor
Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen writes on his website about Gov. Asa Hutchinson's opposition to a $100 million new prison. Griffen agrees that more prison or jail beds isn't a solution. He thinks crowding could be solved by the governor's clemency pen for non-violent offenders serving time on drug or drug-related charges. There is plenty of space for non-violent offenders in their homes, with ...
05, Mar 2015 - Alaska becomes 3rd state with legal marijuana
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Smoking, growing and possessing marijuana becomes legal in America's wildest state Tuesday, thanks to a voter initiative aimed at clearing away 40 years of conflicting laws and court rulings.
05, Mar 2015 - California foster dad gets 19 years to life for sex abuse of 6 girls
LOS ANGELES - A former Southern California foster parent was sentenced on Friday to serve nearly 19 years to life in prison for raping and sexually abusing a half dozen girls who were 9 to 15 years old while in his care, prosecutors said. Felipe Hernandez, 68, pleaded guilty earlier this month to multiple felony counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child, lewd acts on a minor, child ...
05, Mar 2015 - Picasso’s Former Electrician On Trial For Stealing 271 Works Of Art
“Pierre and Danielle Le Guennec say they were given the art, worth 80m euro (£50m) by Picasso’s second wife. The Picasso estate says their account is “ridiculous” and is suing them for illegal possession of the works.”
05, Mar 2015 - US seeks stay of ruling on Obama immigration action
HOUSTON (AP) - The U.S. government asked a federal judge Monday to lift his temporary hold on President Barack Obama's action to shield millions of immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.
05, Mar 2015 - Trial date set in Burlington murder case
IRONTON - An April 9 trial date was set Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court for three people charged in connection with the murder of a Burlington area man on Jan. 13.
05, Mar 2015 - Norwalk teen accused of being heroin dealer
Defendant released from jail on promise to return for court hearing. A pair of Norwalk women entered "not guilty" pleas to their respective felony charges Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.
05, Mar 2015 - No bond set for Noura Jackson
A judge did not set bond for Noura Jackson because no one from the prosecution was represented during Friday's hearing.
05, Mar 2015 - Illinois court flushes employee’s whistleblowing claim down the drain
(3/5) In Illinois, at-will employees generally may be discharged at any time. There are limited exceptions to this general rule, including that employees may not be discharged for seeking workers’ compensation benefits or for participating in any investigation or hearing on another employee’s claim for such benefits. In a recent case, the Illinois Appellate Court was asked—but refused—to expand ...
05, Mar 2015 - Sixth district court of appeals dismisses ODA's case on Tiger Ridge Exotics
On Thursday the ODA's appeal was dismissed because the sixth district court of appeals says it does not have jurisdiction in the case, meaning the case has been kicked back to trial court.
05, Mar 2015 - Operation Delta Blues Drug Kingpin Sentenced
The drug kingpin whose crimes led to one of the largest drug busts in Arkansas history, will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
05, Mar 2015 - Judge rules for Peterson, paving way for reinstatement
By DAVE CAMPBELL and JON KRAWCZYNSKI AP Sports Writers A federal judge has cleared the way for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to be reinstated, ruling that an NFL arbitrator "failed to...
05, Mar 2015 - Prosecutors' website scandal revived in official's appeal
The lawyer for a former Louisiana public official now serving prison time is taking the case to a federal appeals court with arguments that revive an online-posting scandal that led to the resignation of a popular U.S....
05, Mar 2015 - Sentencing for Former "Mudcats" Reality Star Delayed
On Wednesday, Winston walters, who starred in the A&E show "Mudcats" was found guilty on four counts, and the jury recommend sentences totalling just over 90 years.
05, Mar 2015 - Constangy, Brooks & Smith Adds Don Prophete as Named Partner
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP announced today that nationally-recognized attorney Donald Prophete is joining the firm which will now be known as Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. Eleven other attorneys from across the country are also joining the firm, which will add offices in Denver and New York to its 25 current locations. The ...
05, Mar 2015 - Insurers, contractors debate who should be allowed to pursue claims
Charges that home repair contractors and attorneys are teaming up to pad claims submitted to insurers will be the focus of debate for a third straight year in Tallahassee.
05, Mar 2015 - Constitution Check: Is the President’s new immigration policy already a constitutional dead lette
Lyle Denniston, the National Constitution Center's constitutional literacy adviser, explains why the debate over a federal judge's ruling against President Obama's immigration policy is more of a political argument, and not a constitutional one.
05, Mar 2015 - Man with bodies buried in his yard gets life in prison
A jury on Wednesday spared the life of a man convicted of strangling a pharmacist and his girlfriend in 2002 and burying their bodies in his yard, granting a defense request to show mercy despite the brutal nature of the...
05, Mar 2015 - Unions ask state Supreme Court to postpone pension trial
The public-sector unions and retirees suing the state over the 2011 overhaul of Rhode Island's public pension system asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to delay the trial after a lower court refused. ...
05, Mar 2015 - Pakistani Man Guilty In Al Qaeda Plot To Attack NYC Subway
The verdict was reached Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn where Abid Naseer acted as his own lawyer. No date was set for sentencing.
05, Mar 2015 - Casey Anthony's attorney should not get bankruptcy settlement money, trustees say
According to a trustee's report filed in federal court, Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez should not get anything from a settlement in her bankruptcy, according to The Orlando Sentinel. The $25K raised by the sale of Anthony's story should go to the bankruptcy trustees, according to the report. Anthony filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013, listing $792,000 in debts. On October 14, 2008, Casey ...
05, Mar 2015 - Jury Finds Toyota at Fault for Crash That Sent Innocent Man to Prison -- Awards $11,440,000.00
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Feb. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bob Hilliard, of Hilliard Munoz Gonzales, has won the lawsuit against Toyota in which he proved its 1996 Camry was defectively dangerous and caused a 2006 deadly accident. The verdict, returned after 21 days of testimony, and 4 days of deliberations, further vindicates Koau Fong Lee, who was wrongfully imprisoned for the crash that caused the ...
05, Mar 2015 - Suspects In Cherry Creek North Jewelry Heist Now Face Federal Charges
Five suspected robbers accused of smashing their way into a Cherry Creek North jewelry store and stealing high priced watches and other items are appearing in federal court in San Francisco Friday morning.
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