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How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

If you live in the U.S. and are unable to work due to an illness or injury (or a combination of illnesses or injuries,) you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Before applying for dis(...)

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Spelling bee kids battle into the night
when they go to the dictionary there was one copy only for the pronouncer who already mentioned that the words are small and she can't see very well. I wan(...)
03 24, 2014 | 06:54 Report Abuse
Lawsuit Filed Against Jody Kriss, Former Bayrock Executive & Founder of East River Partners
Have you seen the stuff reported in the NY Post about Jody Kriss and this lawsuit? If not you should google it. You might also want to read
03 19, 2014 | 14:56 Report Abuse
Man Charged With Murder In Filer Pleads Not Guilty
Bradley F.James needs two do his time in the state prison in Boise I'd. Bradley's killed a dad who has a daughter that's nine years old now and was iam boy(...)
03 01, 2014 | 03:06 Report Abuse
Second Oregon sex offender at Umatilla prison dies unexpectedly in just nine days
I am the Great Uncle of Damian Banks. He was found with numorous broken ribs and beaten pretty bad. Did the beating come from another prisoner or a guard(...)
02 26, 2014 | 16:43 Report Abuse
Soldier gets 12 years in Christmas Day killing at Alaska base
How are DUI convictions found online?(...)
02 05, 2014 | 13:40 Report Abuse
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To Stuart Droker, in Vista
When we seperated, I was making $10,000 per month. The court granted $2750 monthly spousal support. I am now making less than $6000 per month with expens(...)
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To Andre Self, in Christain County
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To Any Judge, in Superior Court House
Please explain how settlement can be granted on a legal document that has not been authenticated as to signature. (Forgery/fraud?)(...)
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To Allen B. Honeycutt, in Torrance Court House
Judge Honeycutt; I would like to Thank you for the way you handled my son Ruben M. Martinez. Since he has been in jail he has had time to reflect back to h(...)
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Latest Court News
23, Sep 2014 - Steven P. Schreiner
Three candidates are competing for Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 87. None of them, in our view, is suited to the office he seeks. Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Tom Griego is least qualified, as we see it. Four years have elapsed since he last ran for a seat on the Superior Court.
23, Sep 2014 - Warnings about Muslims, defenders of domestic abusers and religious symbols in the sky - a sample r
Not to put too fine a point on it, but reading print news in Oklahoma is always sort of a crap shoot. Just how right-wing leaning tower of Pizza will the news be on a particular day, or the opinions expressed? Well, looking over the papers I bought yesterday, I saw that State Representative John Bennett issued this gem: "The Quran clearly states that non-Muslims should be killed. Arab is the ...
23, Sep 2014 - Cary man appears in court on murder charge in nurse's shooting death
A Cary man appeared in a Wake County courtroom Monday for the first time since being charged over the weekend for the shooting death of a pediatric home health care nurse working in the area.
23, Sep 2014 - Nebraska woman gets life in prison for slaying
HASTINGS, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska woman has been sentenced to life in prison for killing her boyfriend's 68-year-old mother.
23, Sep 2014 - Vermont's most rundown prison promised a facelift
State officials call it the worst of Vermont's prisons. The Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington is one of the oldest in the state and it's in need of the most upkeep.
23, Sep 2014 - Hyundai Ordered To Pay $73M In Punitive Damages In 2011 Crash Case, Liability Lowered By A Third
A Montana judge ruled last week that Hyundai Motor will have to pay $73 million in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed against the company over a fatal car accident that killed two Missoula teenagers in July 2011. The latest ruling reduces Hyundai's liability from a previous award of $240 million, but rejected the automaker's bid to further reduce it to $1 million.
23, Sep 2014 - Prison Productions: Film Crews Go Behind the Barbed Wire
If you're an Indiana taxpayer, you pay $64 a day to house an inmate at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility near Terre Haute.
23, Sep 2014 - Judge: First ever sex offender to be released from MSOP
Moose Lake, MN ( --- For the first time since Minnesota began its Civil Commitment Program for sex offenders in 1993, a resident has been released under court order.
23, Sep 2014 - UPDATE: Reduced sentences ordered for three Elkhart teens convicted of felony murder
Felony Murder convictions for three Elkhart teens involved in a deadly 2012 burglary were upheld in Appeals Court Friday, but directions were given to reduce their prison sentences.
23, Sep 2014 - Hearing over gay marriage laws underway
A federal appellate court has heard arguments over Nevada's gay marriage ban, with an attorney against the ban saying it sends a message to same-sex couples that they and their families are inferior.
23, Sep 2014 - Insider traders in U.S. face longer prison terms, Reuters analysis shows
The rise is at least partly driven by the bigger profits being earned through the illegal schemes, defense lawyers said. The trend is likely to continue on Monday when former SAC Capital Advisors manager Mathew Martoma is sentenced for what prosecutors have called the most lucrative insider trading case ever brought. In the five-year period ending December 2013, insider trading defendants ...
23, Sep 2014 - Don’t Rush to Judge Parents Who Use a Switch to Discipline Kids
 Last Thursday the Minnesota Vikings’ star running back, Adrian Peterson, was indicted (pdf) on charges of “injury to a child” for striking his 4-year-old son with a tree branch—what many African Americans would call a whipping with a “switch.”CBS Houston...
23, Sep 2014 - Adrian Peterson booked, released
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a Montgomery County, Texas, grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
23, Sep 2014 - Man bound over for trial in girlfriend's death
A southwest Idaho judge has ruled there's enough evidence against a man charged with killing his girlfriend and burying her in a cornfield that he be bound over for trial.
23, Sep 2014 - F. Emmett Fitzpatrick, 84, defense lawyer and former D.A.
He represented many organized crime figures.
23, Sep 2014 - Texas Town Sees Immigrants as Answer to Prison Debt: Muni Credit
Littlefield, Texas, sees the influx of Central American immigrants across the U.S. border as a chance to ease its debt costs for an empty 382-bed prison.
23, Sep 2014 - Mother of Marine imprisoned in Mexico is coming to Hendersonville
Continuing her nationwide lobbying efforts to free her son from a Mexican prison, Jill Tahmooressi will travel to Hendersonville Friday.
23, Sep 2014 - American sentenced to 4-month jail term for role in G20 vandalism
Putting his budding career as an architect on hold, Ohio-native Quinn McCormic, 27, flew to Toronto from Germany this week to enter a guilty plea for his role in the 2010 G20 riots . McCormic is the last person to face trial for damages caused when dozens of black bloc vandals rampaged through the streets of Toronto during the June 26 to 27 international summit, smashing windows, looting stores ...
23, Sep 2014 - Judge doubts Oklahoma ready for Nov. 13 execution
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A federal judge said Thursday he is concerned Oklahoma will not be able to implement new guidelines and training for executions before three inmates are scheduled to die this fall.
23, Sep 2014 - D.C. Drug Dealer Who Escaped Md. Jail Gets 20 Years
A Washington drug dealer who escaped from a western Maryland jail has been sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for the escape and other crimes.
23, Sep 2014 - Big ammo stash found in White House intruder's car
WASHINGTON - A homeless US army veteran who jumped a fence and ran into the White House with a knife had more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car, a court heard Monday. Omar Gonzalez, 42, appeared in US District Court as Barack Obama's spokesman said the president is "obviously concerned" by Friday's stunning security breach. Wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, Gonzalez stood impassively as ...
23, Sep 2014 - Tulsa Mother Found Innocent Of Infant's Death After 20 Years In Prison
A woman who was freed from prison in May after being sentenced to life for killing her 3-month-old son has been found innocent by a Tulsa County District Judge and DNA evidence.
23, Sep 2014 - Appeals court strikes down 101-year-old Minnesota law that makes lying about ballot initiatives a c
The Court of Appeals struck down a 1913 state law that banned false statements about ballot proposals.
23, Sep 2014 - Few and tricky options for defense attorneys in Observatory Park case
Richard Kirk's attorneys admit he put a gun to his wife's head in their Observatory Park home, pulled the trigger and killed her.
23, Sep 2014 - Franklin man released from jail after third DWI charge
A 66-year-old Franklin man has been released from jail after being charged with felony drunken driving for the third time.
23, Sep 2014 - Nevada, Idaho Marriage Cases May Be Appeals Court Deja Vu
Thirty-nine rulings in 30 federal and state courts have upheld the right of gays to marry or have their marriages recognized in lawsuits triggered by last year’s 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidating a law limiting federal recognition to marriages of one man and one woman, according to the gay rights group Lambda Legal.
23, Sep 2014 - Crime Time Elkhart County For 8-28
ELKHART COUNTY CRIME Crime of the Week It has been two years since the senseless death of 7-year old Kristyana Jackson. On he night of Aug. 17, 2012, Jackson was returning home with her mother to 720 Kilbourn Street in Elkhart after attending a high school football game.
23, Sep 2014 - Escaped Ohio high school gunman recaptured
T.J. Lane, who killed 3 students in 2012, caught several hours after fleeing prison; manhunt underway for inmate who escaped with him
23, Sep 2014 - News Minute: Here is the latest Georgia news from The Associated Press
Jury selection is set to begin for the second trial of a Florida man accused of killing a Georgia teenager during an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville convenience store.
23, Sep 2014 - Open-records ruling deferred
A January 2013 public-records request was so broad that fulfilling it would have forced the temporary shutdown of the Arkansas Water Resources Center, an attorney for the University of Arkansas told a judge Monday.
23, Sep 2014 - Sandusky man involved in Fla. cold case set free
Law Enforcement Sandusky man involved in Fla. cold case set free Charged with murder in a cold case, Carl McCauley left the Erie County jail Friday Andy Ouriel Sandusky Sep 12, 2014 Update (6 p.m. Friday): About two weeks ago, cold case investigators celebrated after finally finding a Sandusky man they believe murdered someone in Florida 27 years ago. Today, however ...
23, Sep 2014 - Scottsdale Law Firm Corso & Rhude Introduces Another New Criminal Defense Attorney to the Growing T
Attorney Jeffrey Kegler is the Latest Addition to the Expanding Legal Team at Corso & Rhude. (PRWeb August 29, 2014) Read the full story at
23, Sep 2014 - Attorneys mount strong defense in peanut salmonella trial
After questioning of an FBI agent ended, the government has rested its case against official of the Peanut Corporation of America, at the Albany federal courthouse.
23, Sep 2014 - Texas captures convicted killer hours after prison break
By Amanda Orr HOUSTON (Reuters) - Texas captured a convicted killer on Monday eight hours after he broke out of prison in Amarillo by scaling a fence and dodging gunfire. Marvin Garcia, 34, was spotted by a search plane as he jumped from a northbound train 30 to 40 miles (50 to 65 kms) from the Neal Unit penitentiary. Garcia was serving a 25-year sentence for a 2008 homicide committed in the ...
23, Sep 2014 - Most Wanted Joe Holden captured by police
Police say they have caught a man they say is connected to a series of burglaries and had a history of violent crime.
23, Sep 2014 - Court hears arguments over gay marriage's impact
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court in San Francisco waded again into the debate over the constitutionality of gay marriage, with attorneys for both sides arguing over whether legalizing it would harm children.
23, Sep 2014 - For convicted killer, a chance to avoid life in prison
The victim begged for mercy. The killer showed none.
23, Sep 2014 - Judge reduces punitive damages in crash cash
A Montana judge has reduced a punitive damages award from $240 million to $73 million in a lawsuit against Hyundai over a crash that killed two Missoula cousins in July 2011.
23, Sep 2014 - Man sentenced to prison in child pornography case
A Moab man who downloaded more than 60,000 images of child pornography on his computer was sentenced this week to six concurrent terms of one to 15 years in state prison.
23, Sep 2014 - Seminole County Judge Debra Krause faces new ethics charge
State agency accuses her of politicking on Facebook for her husband, who's running for judge State agency accuses her of politicking on Facebook for her husband, who's running for judge
23, Sep 2014 - 2 NC men's convictions overturned in 1983 killing - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri Ne
LUMBERTON, N.C. (AP) - One of North Carolina's longest-serving death-row inmates and his half brother are being freed after three decades in prison after another man's DNA was discovered on a cigarette butt left near the body of a girl the siblings were convicted of killing.
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