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How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

If you live in the U.S. and are unable to work due to an illness or injury (or a combination of illnesses or injuries,) you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Before applying for dis(...)

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Spelling bee kids battle into the night
when they go to the dictionary there was one copy only for the pronouncer who already mentioned that the words are small and she can't see very well. I wan(...)
03 24, 2014 | 06:54 Report Abuse
Lawsuit Filed Against Jody Kriss, Former Bayrock Executive & Founder of East River Partners
Have you seen the stuff reported in the NY Post about Jody Kriss and this lawsuit? If not you should google it. You might also want to read
03 19, 2014 | 14:56 Report Abuse
Man Charged With Murder In Filer Pleads Not Guilty
Bradley F.James needs two do his time in the state prison in Boise I'd. Bradley's killed a dad who has a daughter that's nine years old now and was iam boy(...)
03 01, 2014 | 03:06 Report Abuse
Second Oregon sex offender at Umatilla prison dies unexpectedly in just nine days
I am the Great Uncle of Damian Banks. He was found with numorous broken ribs and beaten pretty bad. Did the beating come from another prisoner or a guard(...)
02 26, 2014 | 16:43 Report Abuse
Soldier gets 12 years in Christmas Day killing at Alaska base
How are DUI convictions found online?(...)
02 05, 2014 | 13:40 Report Abuse
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To Stuart Droker, in Vista
When we seperated, I was making $10,000 per month. The court granted $2750 monthly spousal support. I am now making less than $6000 per month with expens(...)
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To Andre Self, in Christain County
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To Any Judge, in Superior Court House
Please explain how settlement can be granted on a legal document that has not been authenticated as to signature. (Forgery/fraud?)(...)
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To Allen B. Honeycutt, in Torrance Court House
Judge Honeycutt; I would like to Thank you for the way you handled my son Ruben M. Martinez. Since he has been in jail he has had time to reflect back to h(...)
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Latest Court News
30, Jul 2014 - Court Strikes Down Law that Would Have Closed Mississippi’s Last Abortion Facility
NEW ORLEANS – A federal appeals court has struck down a Mississippi law that would have closed that last remaining abortion facility in the state. As previously reported, in 2012, legislators in the state enacted a law requiring abortionists to have board certification and obtain hospital admitting privileges. The latter requirement, which allows abortionists to send […]
30, Jul 2014 - Man Convicted In Boynton Beach Mall Shooting Gets New Trial
A new trial has been granted for a South Florida man who was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a fatal Christmas Eve shooting inside the Boynton Beach mall.
30, Jul 2014 - Law firm in Hobby Lobby win is playing key role in religion cases
The Supreme Court's controversial Hobby Lobby decision has thrust a once-little-known boutique law firm into the center of a growing conservative movement to make faith-based exemptions as potent a legal tool as free speech has been for liberals.
30, Jul 2014 - Sheriff agrees to curtail immigration jailings | Video
Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, at the urging of immigrant advocates, Tuesday agreed to stop routinely holding people in jail because of citizenship questions.
30, Jul 2014 - Utah mom charged in child's death to get more treatment
Logan : Officials at the Utah state mental hospital are recommending that a northern Utah woman accused of killing her 2-year-old son last year receive three to six months more of treatment. The Herald Journal reports that Heidi Rutchey's attorney s...
30, Jul 2014 - Man exonerated in 1982 rape, slaying
A District of Columbia judge has declared that a 50-year-old man is innocent of a 1982 rape and slaying that put him in prison for 25 years.
30, Jul 2014 - Execution date set for Missouri inmate Taylor
ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Missouri Supreme Court on Thursday set a September execution date for convicted killer Leon Taylor.
30, Jul 2014 - Fitzgerald sentenced to life without parole
Editor’s note: Some of the graphic content in this story might be disturbing to readers.
30, Jul 2014 - Prosecutors put on defense as Dejuan Hammond's attorneys request dismissal
Judge weary of more evidence now turning up but has not made ruling on whether to dismiss.
30, Jul 2014 - Ex-Plymouth cop gets a year in prison for beating a prisoner
BOSTON – A federal judge has sentenced former Plymouth Police Sgt. Shawn Coughlin to a year and a day in federal prison for attacking a defenseless prisoner and then lying to cover it up.U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton also sentenced Coughlin to a year of supervised probation after his release.A 20-year police veteran, Coughlin, 47, will be allowed to surrender himself at a federal ...
30, Jul 2014 - 'Stay calm' on immigration issue, local leaders urge
Associates of Salt Lake City's Centro Civico Mexicano met with community members Monday to discuss President Barack Obama's plans to take executive action on immigration policy.
30, Jul 2014 - Escaped prisoner Michael Sheridan back behind bars after 15 years on the run
Convict Michael Sheridan escaped from prison and wasn't caught until he moved in with his sister in Washington
30, Jul 2014 - South Whitehall Legionnaires' deaths prompt lawsuit
The plaintiffs fault a South Whitehall outpatient facility where the 2013 outbreak occurred. A Legionnaire's outbreak at a South Whitehall medical facility last year has spawned a wrongful death lawsuit in Lehigh County Court.
30, Jul 2014 - Connecticut man imprisoned for 21 years in killing he didn’t commit seeks millions in compensatio
HARTFORD, Conn. — A man cleared of murder and rape charges after being locked up for two decades made an emotional appeal Tuesday for millions of dollars in compensation, telling the state claims commissioner about the fear he endured in prison. Kenneth […]
30, Jul 2014 - New York Court: Spanking Is 'Reasonable Use Of Force' And Not Abuse
New York Court: Spanking Is 'Reasonable Use Of Force' And Not Abuse Spanking Is 'Reasonable Use Of Force,' New York Judges Rule Spanking Does Not Qualify As Abuse, New York Court Rules New York Court: Spanking Is 'Reasonable Use Of Force' And Not Abuse Nation Not Optimized A New York court ruled last week that it is permissible for a parent to spank his or her child and doing so should not be ...
30, Jul 2014 - HAWKINSON
30, Jul 2014 - Questions linger on whether Greg Davis will actually do any jail time
The former Southaven Mayor is out on bond as he appeals his fraud and embezzlement sentence
30, Jul 2014 - Bernstein launching run for Michigan Supreme Court
LANSING, Mich. (AP) - A blind lawyer in suburban Detroit is launching a run for the Michigan Supreme Court. Richard Bernstein on Wednesday will announce plans to seek a nomination from the state Democratic Party at its convention in late August.
30, Jul 2014 - Detective on trial for murder in Maryland road rage case; says he thought family was in danger
Lawyers for a New Jersey detective charged with killing a Maryland man say their client thought he, his wife and three children were in danger when he fired his gun during a confrontation fueled by road rage.
30, Jul 2014 - 10 years given for clip of teen
A 24-year-old Little Rock man accepted a 10-year prison sentence in Pulaski County Circuit Court on Thursday for having an obscene video of a teenager on his cellphone during a February 2013 police raid.
30, Jul 2014 - Fourth Circuit ruling might clear way for N.C. gay marriage
North Carolina’s constitutional ban on gay marriage is likely on its last legs, according to both the state Attorney General and the N.C. chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.
30, Jul 2014 - Report: Prison health-care costs stabilize
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — States are spending slightly less on prisoner health care after nearly a decade of steady increases, according to a report released Tuesday.
30, Jul 2014 - After two-year battle with city, Longwood man cleans up his yard
After more than two years of battling Longwood City Hall, Florida's court system and his neighbors — along with racking up nearly $200,000 in code enforcement fines — Sean Law has cleaned up his front yard.
30, Jul 2014 - Botched executions raise concerns
An Arizona inmate "gasped and snorted" for more than 90 minutes as he was put to death.
30, Jul 2014 - THERAVECTYS Files Suit in the U.S. Against Immune Design Corp.
THERAVECTYS announced that it filed a lawsuit against Seattle-based Immune Design Corp. in the Delaware Court of Chancery and is seeking preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, as well as monetary damages.
30, Jul 2014 - Mexican national pleads guilty to stash house
Gamaliel Salas-Mendoza, aka Rene Salas Mendoza (Salas), 38, of Mexico, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced.
30, Jul 2014 - California man faces prison for economic espionage
A Northern California chemical engineer is facing more than 20 years in prison for a rare economic-espionage conviction for selling to China the technology that creates a white pigment.
30, Jul 2014 - Journalists Subpoenaed in ‘Pink Slime’ Lawsuit
Slime me to the moon. Back in March, a South Dakota judge couldn't really find anything frivolous about Beef Product Inc.'s small-nation-GDP-size $1.2 billion lawsuit against ABC News for its 2012 report, which introduced "pink slime" into the lexicon of grocery store shoppers and effectively devastated producers of what's technically known by the less-slimy industry name "lean finely textured ...
30, Jul 2014 - Pennsylvania Prisoner Pleads Guilty To 2004 Michigan Murder
A prisoner in Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to a decade-old murder in Michigan.
30, Jul 2014 - Last abortion clinic in Mississippi may be spared
In a ruling that is likely to mean that the only abortion clinic still operating in Mississippi will not have to close, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled on Tuesday that a two-year-old state law regulating clinics cannot be enforced against that facility in the city of Jackson. The ruling, dividing […]
30, Jul 2014 - 16-year-old will serve 25 years in prison for fatal stabbing in 2013
A 16-year-old who pleaded guilty to helping stab a man to death last year didn’t receive the maximum time requested by the victim’s family, and instead was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Sixth Judicial District Judge Mary Chicchelly said in her ruling issued last Friday that considering all factors, including the brutal way Ronald Kunkle was stabbed more than 30 times, she believes a ...
30, Jul 2014 - Veterans affairs: Judges volunteer at Stand Down to help vets with legal issues
SEASIDE >> At least nine judges from six California counties will be among dozens of volunteers on hand Aug.
30, Jul 2014 - Southern Maryland volunteer opportunities
Center for Children, an outpatient mental health clinic for children and adults, needs mentors 21 and older for youths ages 4 to 18 with a parent in prison, on probation or on parole. The center is se...
30, Jul 2014 - Teacher, scout leader faces judge on sex charges against preteens
Jim Barringer III, 51, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with six counts of indecent liberties with child.
30, Jul 2014 - Scott Walker sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for fraud, conspiracy (updated)
Scott Walker, son of former DMR director Bill Walker, leaving a previous court appearance. The younger Walker was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in federal prison.File Photo/  HATTIESBURG, Mississippi -- Former Ocean Springs mayoral candidate and businessman Scott Walker was...
30, Jul 2014 - Judge rejects DUI manslaughter defendant's travel plans
August crash killed 41-year-old bicyclist in Boca Raton In December, Drew Blazure was allowed to visit family in New Jersey for the winter holidays despite his charge of DUI manslaughter failure to render aid in the death of a Boca Raton bicyclist.
30, Jul 2014 - Ex-Illinois governor Ryan breaks post-prison silence, ready to work at ending death penalty
KANKAKEE, Ill. — George Ryan, an ex-Illinois governor and now an ex-convict, says he'd like to re-engage with the cause he left behind when he went to prison in 2007 — campaigning for the end of the death penalty in the U.S.
30, Jul 2014 - Teen's Alleged Kidnapper Arrested Twice While She Was Missing
The man charged with kidnapping a New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez was arrested twice during the nine months that she was missing, court records indicate.
30, Jul 2014 - What Life is Like for Casey Anthony 3 Years After Murder Trial
It was three years ago that people across the nation and around the world held their breath. After a two-month trial, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial announced they had arrived at a verdict. Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder and the other most serious charges against her in the 2008 […]
30, Jul 2014 - Texas Border Towns Help Immigrants
Thousands of immigrants from Central America have crossed over the Mexican border into the U.S. state of Texas in recent months, and federal agents have stepped up efforts to process those with no criminal record and allow them to stay with family members in the United States while awaiting their court date. Local communities are providing these weary and hungry immigrants with humanitarian ...
30, Jul 2014 - Binghamton Man Facing 6 months for Homicide
A man accused of a homicide in 2012 is now facing 6 months of jail time for his crimes. 26-year-old Joshua Launt of Binghamton hit 51-year-old Ronald Gilbert of Kirkwood over the head at a party in 2012. Gilbert was rendered unconscious, and Launt made no attempt to get him medical treatment. Launt pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide in April. He faces six months in prison and five ...
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