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How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

If you live in the U.S. and are unable to work due to an illness or injury (or a combination of illnesses or injuries,) you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Before applying for dis(...)

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Spelling bee kids battle into the night
when they go to the dictionary there was one copy only for the pronouncer who already mentioned that the words are small and she can't see very well. I wan(...)
03 24, 2014 | 06:54 Report Abuse
Lawsuit Filed Against Jody Kriss, Former Bayrock Executive & Founder of East River Partners
Have you seen the stuff reported in the NY Post about Jody Kriss and this lawsuit? If not you should google it. You might also want to read
03 19, 2014 | 14:56 Report Abuse
Man Charged With Murder In Filer Pleads Not Guilty
Bradley F.James needs two do his time in the state prison in Boise I'd. Bradley's killed a dad who has a daughter that's nine years old now and was iam boy(...)
03 01, 2014 | 03:06 Report Abuse
Second Oregon sex offender at Umatilla prison dies unexpectedly in just nine days
I am the Great Uncle of Damian Banks. He was found with numorous broken ribs and beaten pretty bad. Did the beating come from another prisoner or a guard(...)
02 26, 2014 | 16:43 Report Abuse
Soldier gets 12 years in Christmas Day killing at Alaska base
How are DUI convictions found online?(...)
02 05, 2014 | 13:40 Report Abuse
Recent Open Letters
To Stuart Droker, in Vista
When we seperated, I was making $10,000 per month. The court granted $2750 monthly spousal support. I am now making less than $6000 per month with expens(...)
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To Andre Self, in Christain County
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To Any Judge, in Superior Court House
Please explain how settlement can be granted on a legal document that has not been authenticated as to signature. (Forgery/fraud?)(...)
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To Allen B. Honeycutt, in Torrance Court House
Judge Honeycutt; I would like to Thank you for the way you handled my son Ruben M. Martinez. Since he has been in jail he has had time to reflect back to h(...)
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Latest Court News
01, Apr 2015 - Alabama school ‘rape-bait’ case involving 14-year-old special needs girl to be heard in court
BRIMINGHAM — It’s been five years since a 14-year-old Alabama girl with special needs said she was persuaded by a teacher’s aide to act as bait to catch an accused sexual predator. The girl’s life was changed forever, she said, when the accused predator, a fellow student, allegedly sodomized her in a school bathroom. “I just […]
01, Apr 2015 - Murder Suspect Gets New Attorney After Calling Him A Liar
A man on trial for murder in Franklin County now has a new lawyer Friday. Kenyatta Bridges faces first degree murder charges for a gang related shooting in Pasco in December. 
01, Apr 2015 - Former North Dakota National Guard soldier sentenced to 25 years in luring case
A former North Dakota Army National Guard soldier who admitted to luring teenage girls over the Internet for sex has been sentenced to serve 25 years in prison.
01, Apr 2015 - Blasts, smoke and blood: Scenes of horror recalled at Boston trial
By Scott Malone BOSTON (Reuters) - Clouds of smoke, improvised tourniquets and screams of pain were evoked in the first day of the Boston Marathon bombing trial on Wednesday as people who survived the deadly attack recalled one of the darkest days in the New England city's memory. Sydney Corcoran, a young woman who had gone to the race with her parents to watch her aunt run, recalled being ...
01, Apr 2015 - Georgia postpones first execution of a woman since WWII due to issues with lethal injection drugs
Attorneys and religious groups petitioned the state and the courts to halt the execution, a rarity for the United States.
01, Apr 2015 - 7,000 immigrant children ordered deported without going to court
More than 7,000 immigrant children have been ordered deported without appearing in court since large numbers of minors from Central America began illegally crossing the U.S. border in 2013, federal statistics show.
01, Apr 2015 - Indiana woman who said she had a miscarriage has been convicted of feticide
A woman in Indiana in the US has been sentenced up to 20 years in prison on charges of feticide and neglect of a dependent after she said she suffered a miscarriage.
01, Apr 2015 - Murder charges dropped against former Russian mobster in Fulton Co.
Fulton County prosecutors dropped murder charges against a former Russian mobster turned FBI informant. District Attorney Paul Howard called Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland with the news. Howard had previously credited Strickland with helping break the case, and had subpoenaed Strickland to testify at Mani Chulpayev's trial in the murder of rapper Lil' Phat. Chulpayev will soon ...
01, Apr 2015 - Valley wine producers dispute arsenic claim
Valley wine producers said there is no need to question the safety of a glass of California wine. A class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court claimed high levels of arsenic were found in some samples of low cost wine.
01, Apr 2015 - Kinder, gentler forms of capital punishment are still barbaric
The state of Oklahoma, which developed the nation's first lethal injection protocol for executions, may soon approve what lawmakers say is a new, even more humane way of killing people. Following the advice of a criminal justice professor who is also a former assistant attorney general of Palau...
01, Apr 2015 - Judge strikes down 30-year agreement between city and Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund
T he other shoe dropped on pension reform when a circuit court judge struck down an existing 30-year agreement between the city and the Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund, sending shock waves through City Hall. Circuit Court Judge Thomas Beverly signed his order Tuesday, the day before City Council rejected the latest pension legislation on a deadlocked 9-9 vote Wednesday night. On ...
01, Apr 2015 - Man Accused Of Carjacking Mother, 2 Kids, Will Go To Trial
The man accused of carjacking a woman and her two children outside of a family entertainment center in February will go to trial
01, Apr 2015 - Liberty fires coach who spoke up for convicted gang member
AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A northeast Ohio man convicted in the slayings of his ex-girlfriend and their 5-year-old son has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. A jury had voted to spare 41-year-old Daniel Tighe from a potential death sentence.
01, Apr 2015 - Frustration pushes Utah toward renewed use of firing squads
Ronnie Lee Gardner was the last person to die by firing squad in Utah — a method state lawmakers voted this week to reinstate, illustrating frustrations across the U.S. over bungled executions and shortages of lethal-injection drugs. Randy Gardner made it clear Wednesday he did not condone what his brother did — first killing a bartender and later shooting a lawyer to death and wounding a ...
01, Apr 2015 - Serial Oregon bank robber sentenced to 25 years
The federal judge ordered the 33-year-old's sentence be served at the same time as a sentence that has yet to be imposed by Washington County Circuit Court for aggravated murder and abuse of a corpse.
01, Apr 2015 - Arkansas Supreme Court upholds lethal-injection law
LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Arkansas’ lethal-injection law, reversing a circuit judge’s ruling that the law was unconstitutional.
01, Apr 2015 - Pastor of Homestead church gets up to 4 years for abusing boys
The pastor of a Homestead church was sentenced Tuesday to 16 to 48 months in prison for sexually abusing two teenage boys he was counseling ...
01, Apr 2015 - Appeals court upholds new trial in firefighters' 1995 deaths
PITTSBURGH (AP) - An appeals court has upheld a western Pennsylvania judge's decision to grant a new trial to a man in the deaths of three Pittsburgh firefighters two decades ago.
01, Apr 2015 - Prisoner Shot at DFW Airport, Officer Hurt
DALLAS — An inmate was shot at DFW International Aiport Friday afternoon after he reportedly attacked an out-of-state officer. Aiport Spokesman David Magan says the officer was escorting the prisoner when they got into a fight inside the men’s restroom. That’s when witnesses tweeted that the prisoner darted out towards the security checkpoint and was shot […]
01, Apr 2015 - Supreme Court allows challenge to Colorado Internet tax law
WASHINGTON (AP) — A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that federal courts can hear a dispute over Colorado's Internet tax law. One justice suggested it was time to reconsider the ban on state collection of sales taxes from companies outside their borders.
01, Apr 2015 - Texas Supreme Court chief justice testifies on truancy
A Texas Senate panel is hearing testimony - including comments from the state's Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht - on a bill to decriminalize truancy.
01, Apr 2015 - Plea deal: Natchitoches man gets 25 years for rape of mentally-challenged client
A Natchitoches man accused of raping a mentally impaired person will avoid life in prison, thanks to a plea deal that gets him 25 years without parole.
01, Apr 2015 - Groups ask judge to order gay-marriage licenses in Alabama
MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — A group of civil rights organizations filed a motion Friday asking a federal judge to order Alabama probate judges to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and to expand a suit challenging the state's gay-marriage ban.
01, Apr 2015 - Pre-trial set for movie theater shooting suspect
A pre-trial hearing has been set for the man accused of shooting and killing a Tri-State native at a Florida movie theater.
01, Apr 2015 - Two Georgia Executions on Hold Due to 'Cloudy' Drugs
Kelly Gissendaner has filed new papers with the U.S. Supreme Court a day after her execution was called off because the drugs looked cloudy.
01, Apr 2015 - Neulander trial resumes this morning on day 7
Jurors this morning will listen to more prosecution evidence, including a key expert, in the murder case of of Dr. Robert Neulander.
01, Apr 2015 - Mom to murderer: You're 'going straight to hell'
A man convicted of strangling a pharmacist and his girlfriend was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole, after the mother of one victim called him a "useless waste of space and air" and declared, "You are going...
01, Apr 2015 - Butts Co. investigators close cold case after 15 years
The man accused of a murder more than 15 years ago made his first court appearance in the case Monday.
01, Apr 2015 - Sexual Assault In A Big City: Is There A Lack Of Priority?
When it comes to safety, a city is often judged by the number of homicides and shootings it has in a year. Where does that leave other crimes like criminal sexual assault? Not a priority, say some sexual assault advocates.
01, Apr 2015 - Armed prisoner who fled Virginia hospital captured in Washington
By Ian Simpson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An armed prisoner who fled a suburban Washington hospital with a guard's gun on Tuesday was recaptured in the U.S. capital after a nine-hour manhunt, police said. The prisoner, accused bank robber Wossen Assaye, 42, apparently freed himself from shackles, seized a gun from a private contract guard and fled the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus in Falls Church ...
01, Apr 2015 - FBI: Autopsy in hanging death of Mississippi man days away
The body of a black man found hanging in a tree in Mississippi has been sent from a state crime lab to a funeral home, but the FBI said it will be days before autopsy results are complete. Until then, investigators are holding off on saying whether Otis Byrd was killed or took his own life, and they're urging people to be patient.
01, Apr 2015 - 'MY SON MIGHT BE HERE' Guards allowed to carry pepper spray after tragedy
After a series of attacks on guards, U.S. prisons are now letting many corrections officers carry pepper spray to defend themselves. But the program remains controversial, and some on Capitol Hill are pushing to make it permanent.
01, Apr 2015 - Former Congressman Jackson Arrives At Halfway House
Jackson left the Montgomery Federal Prison Camp on Maxwell Air Force Base through a back gate, avoiding the media. He arrived hours later in Baltimore.
01, Apr 2015 - Gov. McCrory to visit Lejeune to discuss veteran employment
JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- Governor Pat McCrory is planning to make a stop at Camp Lejeune this afternoon to make a veterans employment initiative announcement. The announcement, which is set for 2 p.m., comes after Gov. McCrory unveiled his budget. McCrory is proposing pay raises for teachers, state troopers and prison officers in the budget he's recommending to the legislature. According to ...
01, Apr 2015 - Judge asked to toss anti-Muslim X-ray terror case against reputed Klansman
A reputed Klansman facing domestic terrorism charges in a plot to use a deadly X-ray device is battling a "wholesale government fabrication of a crime," defense attorney Kevin Luibrand said. [...] Luibrand argued that Crawford, an admitted conspiracy theorist who was an industrial mechanic at General Electric, did not have the money to pull off any terror plot. Prosecutors for U.S. Attorney ...
01, Apr 2015 - Sheriffs from Colorado, elsewhere sue state over legal pot
DENVER (AP) — Ten sheriffs from three different states sued Colorado Thursday for decriminalizing marijuana — joining a handful of recent legal challenges urging courts to strike down the state's legalization of recreational pot.
01, Apr 2015 - Georgia's sole female death row inmate set to be executed
The only woman on death row in Georgia is scheduled to be executed on Monday for her husband's 1997 murder, barring last-minute legal action. Kelly Renee Gissendaner, 46, would be the first woman executed by the state in 70 years. Prosecutors said she plotted with her boyfriend, Gregory Owen, to kill her husband, Douglas Gissendaner, who was stabbed to death in a desolate area in suburban ...
01, Apr 2015 - California's death row is out of room. What now?
To the editor: When death row runs out of room, it may be time to look at other options. ("California's death row, with no executions in sight, runs out of room," March 30)
01, Apr 2015 - ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3 Spoilers: Catherine Curtin Teases ‘Phenomenal’ Upcoming
“Orange is the New Black” may be months away from streaming its entire third season on Netflix, but that is no bar to fans of the prison dramedy wondering what the story line will entail. But getting insight on Season 3 is tougher than the Litchfield inmates themselves, considering the cast is under major lockdown against spilling details.
01, Apr 2015 - Nevada Woman Freed After 30 Years in Prison Thanks to DNA Evidence
DNA suggests the real killer is connected to "Gypsy Hill" deaths
01, Apr 2015 - Suspect in Franklin Regional knife rampage petitions to face charges as a juvenile
The violent nature of the charges against 17-year-old Alex Hribal might make it difficult for a judge to move his attempted murder case to juvenile ...
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