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Alaska's trial courts are called district courts and superior courts. District courts hear the majority of domestic violence, small claims, and misdemeanor cases, and superior courts hear all types of civil and criminal cases. If you're filing an appeal of a district court decision, you would file this in superior court. Alaska's court system also includes its court of appeals and the Alaska Supreme Court. There are no municipal (city) courts in Alaska.
You can obtain a number of Alaska court forms on their website, at If you're seeking state court records, you can use the Alaska Court View system ( to obtain information including the names of the parties, the type of case, and a copy of the court docket. You can also find information regarding wills in Alaska, and can even pay your traffic ticket online via Court View. If you're simply trying to find out if someone has a criminal record in Alaska, you may get all of the information you need from this online database. However, if you want to get copies of court documents in Alaska, you must contact the court in question via phone, in writing, or in-person.
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Alaska Court News
01, Oct 2014 - Judge approves merged candidates in Alaska race
A judge on Friday sided with the state of Alaska and ruled against a lawsuit that challenged the merged campaigns of two candidates in the governor's race.
01, Oct 2014 - Alaska Supreme Court: Native child can be adopted by non-Native family
ANCHORAGE — In a split decision, the Alaska Supreme Court has ruled against the village of Tununak, which was appealing a lower court’s decision that allowed an Alaska Native infant to be adopted by n
01, Oct 2014 - Anchorage, AK Alaska News Nightly: September 3, 2014
Court's Says State Needs To Provide Assistance To Yup'ik, Gwich'in Speaking Voters; Alaska Natives Wait... And Wait, For Health Law Exemption; Politifact Rates Begich Ad "Pants on Fire"; Initiative Revives Air Regulation Debate; Only Arkansas Has Slower Internet Than Alaska; New UAS Dorm Provides Housing for About 100 Freshmen; Not My Town! ‘Grizzly Trade’ Ambles Through Places, Personalities of ...
01, Oct 2014 - State of Alaska says the people, not the courts, should define the issue of marriage
JUNEAU, Alaska — The state of Alaska says citizens, not the courts, should decide whether the definition of marriage includes same-sex couples. The state is defending its ban on gay marriage in a filing in federal court.
01, Oct 2014 - State of Alaska defends gay-marriage ban
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Citizens, not the courts, should decide whether the definition of marriage includes same-sex couples, the state of Alaska said in court papers filed Friday.
30, Sep 2014 - Northern Dynasty: EPA agrees to stay Section 404(c) regulatory process for Alaska's Pebble Proj
Northern Dynasty: EPA agrees to stay Section 404(c) regulatory process for Alaska's Pebble Project pending outcome of federal court proceedings
30, Sep 2014 - GovBeat: Alaska Natives secure a voting rights victory in court
The state must improve ballot language assistance, a federal court ruled this week.
30, Sep 2014 - State highlights: Calif. health insurers and contraception coverage; Alaska sues Xerox over Medicai
Health insurance policies in California will have to cover all federally approved contraceptives for women by 2016 without charging co-payments under legislation signed this week by Gov. Jerry Brown, countering trends in other states and the U.S. Supreme Court. The bill, SB1053 by Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, expands state laws that required coverage for most birth-control drugs and ...
30, Sep 2014 - Judge: ACS 911 dispute not a federal issue
FAIRBANKS — A federal judge has rejected a claim that the dispute between the borough and Alaska Communications about updating the borough’s 911 database is a federal issue, kicking the case back to s
29, Sep 2014 - State task force to examine elderly abuse, neglect
FAIRBANKS — The Alaska State Supreme Court has established a new task force meant to examine the state’s handling of abuse and neglect of elderly Alaskans.
29, Sep 2014 - NRA says it won't endorse in Alaska Senate race
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The National Rifle Association has decided to not endorse in Alaska's U.S. Senate race, with a spokesman saying Wednesday that Democratic Sen. Mark Begich's support of two Supreme Court nominees opposed by the group cost him that endorsement.
29, Sep 2014 - Judge Stops Logging Projects, Pending Review
Four Southeast Alaska logging projects are on hold after a judge found the U.S. Forest Service didn't fully comply with a prior court order.
29, Sep 2014 - Alaska task force to examine elderly abuse, neglect
FAIRBANKS — The Alaska State Supreme Court has established a new task force meant to examine the state’s handling of abuse and neglect of elderly Alaskans.
28, Sep 2014 - Alaska News Nightly: September 11, 2014
Alaska Delegation Critical Of President’s ISIS Plan; Anchorage Courthouse Evacuated for Bomb Threat, Nothing Found; Alaska National Guard Sexual Assault Victim Steps Forward; Sheraton Workers Continue Rallying For Contracts 6 Years Into Negotiations; Extra-Tropical System Makes Way Up Alaska’s Southwest Coast; Marijuana Coalition To Court Conservative Voters Despite GOP Opposition To Measure ...
28, Sep 2014 - Juneau, AK Harsh ad sets back Democrat in key Senate race
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) A 30-second campaign ad about a hideous crime has complicated the re-election prospects of a Democratic Alaska senator, inspiring Republicans to take a new look at whether the race should be part of their effort...
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Soldier gets 12 years in Christmas Day killing at Alaska base
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Hearing to begin over fatal Coast Guard crash - Longview Daily News
Dear Captain Andrew Norris, From my own experience as an Alaskan private pilot, I must express my distress over the prosecution of Lt. Leone. I know (...)
12 09, 2011 | 03:56 Report Abuse
RADM Ostebo is a Coast Guard aviator. He was assigned at Sitka in the same job as the two mishap pilots some years ago. He has been qualified in at least(...)
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To Judge Comfort, in Nesbitt
Judge Comfort, Officer Sturkie has cited numerous defendants for violations in what he falsely claimed 'as being posted construction zones posted 55 mph'(...)
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