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Superior courts are Arizona's trial courts, and there's at least one in each county. Arizona superior courts handle divorces, evictions, small claims, tax, probate and juvenile matters, and also hear appeals from municipal and justice courts. Arizona's municipal courts mainly handle misdemeanor crime and violation of city ordinance cases. Arizona's justice courts (aka Justice of the Peace courts) can also hear these cases along with domestic violence, assault and battery, and general civil cases. The Arizona state court system also includes it's appellate courts and the Arizona Supreme Court.
Arizona court's online system, Public Access to Court Case Information, ( allows users to get information about Arizona state court cases when searching by name, date of birth, or case number. If you're trying to research if someone has ever been sued, or if they have a criminal record in Arizona, you could use this website to find out. However, the database only provides basic information including party names, charges, and any decisions made. If you're seeking public court records in Arizona, you'll need call, visit, or send a written request to the Clerk of Courts office in the county where the case took place.
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Arizona Court News
01, Jan 2015 - Arizona Supreme Court allows Medicaid suit
PHOENIX — The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Jan Brewer's Medicaid expansion plan to move forward, a decision that deals a major blow to the governor's signature achievement just days before she leaves office.
12, Oct 2014 - Supreme Court to decide case over who may draw election districts
The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to hear an appeal from state legislators in Arizona who seek to squelch independent citizens commissions created in Arizona and California to draw election districts for members of Congress.
12, Oct 2014 - Supreme Court to review independent redistricting commissions
The U.S. Supreme Court said Thursday that it had voted to hear 11 new cases, including a major challenge to the independent commissions created in California and Arizona that use citizens rather than state legislators to draw election districts for members of Congress.
12, Oct 2014 - Ex-inmate describes life in Hawaii prison gang
A man who served 20 years for robbery, kidnapping, assault and sexual assault describes some of the inner workings of a Hawaii prison gang. William Woods says he joined the "USO Family" gang in 2000 while in an Arizona prison where some Hawaii inmates were sent. Woods testified Friday at a trial for Tineimalo Adkins, the inmate he says recruited him, and Feso Malufau, a former guard accused of ...
12, Oct 2014 - Justices to review Arizona districting commission
The Supreme Court says it will consider a challenge by Arizona Republicans to the state's congressional districting map.
12, Oct 2014 - Arizona judge bars same-day coverage of Arias penalty phase retrial
By David Schwartz PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona judge has rejected another bid by media organizations to air same-day footage of the penalty phase retrial of Jodi Arias that will decide whether she should be executed for killing her ex-boyfriend, documents showed on Monday. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens ruled broadcasters would only be able to screen the proceedings after ...
12, Oct 2014 - Tempe, AZ Arizona trial date set for ex-Philadelphia Eagles safety
A Jan. 5 trial date has been set for former Philadelphia Eagles safety Keelan Johnson on charges that he pushed a police officer who was investigating a fight at a Tempe bar.
12, Oct 2014 - Death of Shawna Forde associate in Everett is a mystery
EVERETT — For a time in 2011, Oin Glenn Oakstar was front page news. His testimony at trial was used against Shawna Forde , a former Everett City Council candidate convicted of two counts of murder in Arizona. She is now one of two women and 120 inmates on Arizona's death row.
12, Oct 2014 - US judge orders Arizona to list same-sex spouse on death certificate
A federal judge on Friday ordered Arizona officials to ignore the state’s ban on same-sex marriages and issue a death certificate to the surviving spouse in a gay marriage. US District Judge John Sedwick directed state officials to promptly issue a death certificate for George Martinez and to list Fred McQuire on the certificate as Mr. Martinez’s spouse. The two men were long-time partners and ...
12, Oct 2014 - High court move hurts Arizona gay marriage ban
PHOENIX (AP) -- The refusal by the U.S. Supreme Court to hear appeals from five states that want to block gay marriage will likely make it tougher for Arizona's gay marriage ban to survive court challenges, legal experts said Monday. The court said it would not consider appeals from Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Virginia. The decision implies that the four conservative justices who ...
12, Oct 2014 - Douglas, AZ JUSTICE COURT DOCKET: Arizona has a hybrid system for selecting its judges
Judges in Arizona are either elected or appointed, depending on the level of the court and the population of the county. City judges are all appointed by the city council, except Yuma elects its city judge. Appointed city judges serve a term of office set by the city council, with a minimum term of two years. It has become common for cities to consolidate their municipal court with the justice ...
12, Oct 2014 - Supreme Court to weigh Arizona redistricting challenge
By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a challenge by Arizona's legislature to a voter-approved plan that stripped state lawmakers of their role in drawing congressional districts in an bid to remove partisan politics from the process. The state's Republican-controlled legislature is objecting to a 2000 ballot initiative endorsed by the state ...
12, Oct 2014 - EPIC seeks enforcement action over Arizona data breaches
A privacy watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against a community college district in Arizona that lost the personal data of 2.5 million students and employees in two data breaches. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) asked the FTC in its complaint Monday to bring an enforcement action in federal district court against the Maricopa County Community College ...
12, Oct 2014 - High Court ruling could hurt Arizona's gay marriage ban
Monday's decision has no immediate impact, but federal courts here could act.  
12, Oct 2014 - Everett overpass death is a mystery
EVERETT — For a time in 2011, Oin Glenn Oakstar was front page news. His testimony at trial was used against Shawna Forde , a former Everett City Council candidate convicted of two counts of murder in Arizona. She is now one of two women and 120 inmates on Arizona’s death row.
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This is essentially a multi-million dollar show trial. McCluskey, the alleged triggerman and ringleader of the for-profit prison escape, was willing to (...)
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Judge Darrow - How can you justify sentencing James Arthur Ray to ONLY 2 years in prison for 3 counts of negligent homicide? Please explain to the American(...)
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