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Federal Court
Franklin County Circuit Judge
211 W Commercial St

(479) 667-0188
Sebastian County Circuit Court
Fort Smith
901 S B St, Ste 206

(479) 784-1560
US Bankruptcy Court Clerk
35 E Mountain St Ste 316

(479) 582-9800
US Bankruptcy Court Clerk
Little Rock
300 W 2nd St

(501) 918-5500
US Bankruptcy Court Judge
Little Rock
300 W 2nd St

(501) 918-5640
US Bankruptcy Court Judge
35 E Mountain St, Ste 316

(479) 582-9067
US Circuit Court Judge
Little Rock
600 W Capitol Ave, Ste 208

(501) 604-5210
US District Court
500 N State Line Ave Ste 301

(870) 773-2005
US District Court
Little Rock
600 W Capitol Ave Ste 224

(501) 604-5351
US District Court
35 E Mountain St Ste 213

(479) 442-7251
US District Court Clerk
El Dorado
101 S Jackson Ave Ste 205

(870) 862-1202
US District Court Clerk
Fort Smith
30 S 6th St, # 10308

(479) 783-6833
US District Court Clerk
Pine Bluff
100 E 8th Ave Rm 3103

(870) 536-1190
US District Court Clerk
35 E Mountain St Ste 510

(479) 521-6980
US District Court Clerk
Little Rock
600 W Capitol Ave Ste A149

(501) 604-5300
US District Court Clerk
500 N State Line Ave Ste 301

(870) 773-3381
US District Court Clerk
Hot Springs National Park
100 Reserve St Ste 347

(501) 623-6411
US District Court Clerk
615 S Main St Ste 312

(870) 972-4610
US District Court Judge
El Dorado
101 S Jackson Ave Ste 219

(870) 862-1303
US District Court Judge
Hot Springs National Park
100 Reserve St Ste 347

(501) 624-4431
US District Court Judge
Little Rock
500 W Capitol Ave Ste D157

(501) 604-5100
US District Judge
617 Walnut

(870) 338-6321
US District Judge
Fort Smith
35 S 6th St, # 317

(479) 783-1466
US District Judge
500 N State Line Ave Ste 301

(870) 774-9541
US District Judge
402 N Walnut St

(870) 741-3550
US District Judge
615 S Main St

(870) 972-4684
US Justice District Clerk
500 N State Line Ave

(903) 794-8561
US Magistrate Judge
Fort Smith
30 S 6th St Ste 240

(479) 783-7045
US Magistrate Judge
Little Rock
500 W Capitol Ave Ste C459

(501) 604-5200

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Q: I was working with Vicki Asher who is the office manager for the District Court in Hot Springs, to obtain details on a trial set for my son in District Court on 11-27-13. It's a simple traffic violation from a single car accident but we have proof from the dealer that the transmission malfunctioned. I have a conflict with Garland County Attorney Ralph Ohm who is also the part time State District Court Judge For Hot Springs, AR. I was told by Ms. Asher that I could contact her directly anytime on 10/20/13. I was told that my son's case would be heard by Judge David Switzer. I replied that I needed proof from the posecutor's office that it was okay for Judge Switzer to hear my son's case since I had worked around and have known him for many years. I specifically stated that I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with hearing the case. The response I received this morning sent yesterday afternoon by Ms. Asher was this - Judge Switzer refuses to recuse from you son's case and for my son to bring his evidence. I was dumbfounded by her response so I emailed her back to say thank you and make sure you Judge Switzer knows that I have no problem either so long as the prosecutor and the State trooper agree. My response was sent to her and Jason Lawrence who is the Court Administrator for both Judges. The email came back to me because the information technology department for the City of Hot Springs and Garland County were informed to block my email address. My email address has been blocked per the Information Technology Department by Judge Vicki S. Cook and County Judge Rick Davis. You should know that I was the Court Administrator for Circuit Division II for 18 years. I was fired after I filed for disability that may not have had to happen because I was beginning treatment at UAMS for my back disorder that had developed. I went through a grievance hearing and Judge Cook was represented by County Attorney Ralph Ohm. I couldn't understand this since they are both State Judges. I should have one in my opening statement and have ordered that transcript. I called the State Police Troop K early this week because I was in fear of my life. This information was emailed to the Captain and he never responded. I have uncovered too much and I don't know how to handle my son's little traffic violation. I'm scared for him to enter that court room. What do I do?
by Shelly Ledbetter
Latest Federal Court News
04, Mar 2015 - Little Rock, AR Should judges be elected? Proposal filed to change it for Supreme Court
The Pulaski County Bar Association will hold a timely discussion at its meeting Friday at the Clinton Library. Former Supreme Court Justice Robert Brown and Jesse Rutledge , vice president for external affairs for the National Center for State Courts, will discuss the pros and cons of Arkansas's current system of choosing judges — by election. The 2014 elections saw an unprecedented amount of ...
04, Mar 2015 - Little Rock, AR Arkansas Supreme Court Asks Lawyers Which Justices Should Decide Gay Marriage Case
The Arkansas Supreme Court wants lawyers in a gay-marriage case to tell it which justices they believe should decide the issue.
04, Mar 2015 - Justices: In suit, smokers are class
A Pulaski County judge was right to grant class-action status to a 2003 lawsuit alleging that Philip Morris USA violated a state consumer-protection law by falsely advertising its "light" cigarettes, the Arkansas Supreme Court decided Thursday, with one judge dissenting.
04, Mar 2015 - Update: LR Judge Denies Federal Court Stay in Gay Marriage Case
Update (March 4): LITTLE ROCK, AR - A federal judge with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas has denied a request to lift her Nov. 25 stay of an order invalidating the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Judge Kristine Baker issued the order today, denying a request by the plaintiffs in the case. In the 4-page order, Baker said she would maintain the status quo "pending ...
04, Mar 2015 - Marriage case plaintiffs ask for lifting of stay of Piazza decision
Plaintiffs in the same-sex marriage lawsuit asked the Arkansas Supreme Court t oday to lift its stay of Judge Chris Piazza's ruling invalidating the state ban on same-sex marriage and denial of marital benefits to people married in other states. The case was decided last May and the stay was issued May 16, 2014. Despite completion of the case with oral arguments in November, the Supreme Court ...
04, Mar 2015 - Little Rock, AR Plaintiffs argue for no new oral arguments, lift of stay in gay marriage case
LITTLE ROCK — The plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage said Tuesday in a court filing they can find no authority to cite in support of their position against new oral arguments because the issue has not come up before.
04, Mar 2015 - Suit Demands Recognition for 600 Arkansas Marriages
A private attorney has filed a lawsuit seeking state recognition for the estimated 600 same-sex couples who were legally wed during Arkansas's brief equality window last May. read more
03, Mar 2015 - Walmart, Target, Walgreens sued
New York tests of herbal products prompts Arkansas suit. by Leslie Newell Peacock Lawyers in Little Rock and Rogers have filed suit in the Western District federal court in Fayetteville against Walmart, Target and Walgreens stores for selling herbal products that an investigation in New York discovered contained little or none of the ingredients advertised on the bottle. Herbal products named in ...
03, Mar 2015 - Keep stays in place, state urges in two gay-marriage cases
LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has asked both a federal judge in Little Rock and the Arkansas Supreme Court to leave in place the stays they imposed months ago on rulings throwing out the state's bans on same-sex marriage.
03, Mar 2015 - George Wallace move over: Alabama Supreme Court tells federal judges to stuff it
Extraordinary times. With only one dissent, the Alabama Supreme Court in a highly irregular proceeding has issued a 150-page order directing Alabama court officials not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, no matter what a federal court has ruled. Really. This is a bad moment to be giving the Arkansas Supreme Court ideas. [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
01, Mar 2015 - Fayetteville, AR 1998: Stonewalling -Washington County withdraws employment protection for gays
Given the ugliness of the times, and the fact that the Men With Bad Haircuts in the Arkansas State Legislature are intent on staying on the wrong side on history, it seems right to repost this article I wrote in 1998, when the Washington County Quorum Court, at the height of the Human Dignity battle in Fayetteville, voted to remove long-time job protections for gay and lesbian employees - which ...
01, Mar 2015 - Little Rock ordinance planned on LGBT civil rights
City Director Kathy Webb says she met briefly Friday with Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter about a city ordinance to guard against discrimination based on sexual orientation. I want to make sure what we file is comprehensive and clear, and protects Little Rock citizens against discrimination. I hope we will have something to present to the Board within a week or so. The Arkansas House ...
01, Mar 2015 - Lawmaker seeks protections for hair braiders
An upcoming vote by Arkansas lawmakers could end a federal court lawsuit claiming the state unfairly discriminates against African-style hair braiders.
01, Mar 2015 - Fayetteville, AR UA expels ex-athlete in assault review
Top officials with the University of Arkansas this week reversed a decision they say was issued in error that would have allowed a 24-year-old man found responsible for sexual misconduct to receive his degree, pending completion of community service and counseling requirements.
26, Nov 2014 - Gay Marriage OK in Ark., Mississippi: Judges
A federal judge on Tuesday struck down Arkansas’ same-sex marriage ban, meaning it could become the 36th state to allow gays and lesbians to wed.
12, Oct 2014 - US Supreme Court says same-sex marriage can proceed in five states with prior bans
Big news for gay marriage this morning out of Washington . The US Supreme Court denied review of the attempts by petitioners in several states to reverse lower-court decisions that struck down bans on same-sex marriage in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. All of those states, much like Arkansas, had previously banned gay marriage before lower courts struck down their prohibitions ...
12, Oct 2014 - Federal Prosecutorial Ethics
Arkansas businessman, John Stacks, is about to stand trial in federal court. Mr. Stacks is attacking the charges and the conduct of the government agents. Prosecutors don’t like what he’s been saying and asked a judge to squelch their target’s ‘false allegations.’
11, Oct 2014 - Little Rock, AR UPDATE: Lawyer for Arkansas gay couples hails top court’s refusal to hear appeals
LITTLE ROCK — The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Monday not to consider gay-marriage cases from five states is good news for proponents of gay marriage in Arkansas, according to a lawyer for same-sex couples challenging Arkansas’ same-sex marriage ban.
10, Oct 2014 - Arkansas Supreme Court sets back class action case over diabetes drug Actos
The Arkansas Supreme Court, asked by a federal court in Louisiana to clarify a point of state law in a class action case over the diabetes drug Actos, answered it in a way unfavorable to the plaintiff. The plaintiff, Greg Bowerman, filed on behalf of taxpayers in a Saline County lawsuit. But his case was consolidated with other cases in the Louisiana court. The suit asks that the expenditure of ...
10, Oct 2014 - Little Rock, AR McDaniel asks court to uphold gay marriage ban
A county judge was wrong to find that Arkansas' ban on same-sex marriage violated the state and federal constitutions, the attorney general's office argued Monday as it asked the state's highest court to uphold the prohibition.
09, Oct 2014 - Little Rock, AR AG’s office asks state Supreme Court to uphold ban on gay marriage
LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Supreme Court should reverse a circuit judge’s ruling that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s office argued Monday in a court filing.
09, Oct 2014 - Jonesboro, AR Court asked to dismiss child-enticement indictments for 3
The U.S. attorney's office requested the dismissal of federal child-enticement indictments against three Arkansas men on Wednesday, officials say.
09, Oct 2014 - Little Rock, AR Arkansas Asks Court to Uphold Gay Marriage Ban
A county judge was wrong to find that Arkansas' ban on same-sex marriage violated the state and federal constitutions, the attorney general's office argued Monday as it asked the state's highest court to uphold the prohibition.
08, Oct 2014 - DHS suspends 2 companies involved in bribery case
The Arkansas Department of Human Services on Tuesday suspended two companies from the state’s Medicaid program, a day after the agency identified the owner of the companies as a person accused in federal court papers of bribing the department's former deputy director.
08, Oct 2014 - Harrison, AR The Tom Cotton Knows Better Than You Edition
Disability rights activists protesting in Little Rock, a national magazine profile of Tom Cotton that unearthed new info that told us what we already knew, the 1st Amendment and Arkansas State University , liquor stores fighting the expansion of alcohol sales in Arkansas, Arkansas Supreme Court rumors and Little Rock School Board elections — all covered on this week's podcast. Download ...
08, Oct 2014 - Fort Smith, AR Man wins $40K in federal court after arrest in connection with deputy recording
In February 2013, Braden Purcell was walking through his Fort Smith, Arkansas, neighborhood when he saw what appeared to be police raiding a home.
08, Oct 2014 - DHS cuts off 2 firms from Medicaid cash
The Arkansas Department of Human Services on Tuesday suspended two companies from the state's Medicaid program, a day after the agency identified the owner of the companies as a person accused in federal court papers of providing bribes to a former department deputy director.
08, Oct 2014 - Lawyers quick to update case for gay nuptials
Attorneys representing Arkansas same-sex couples filed a brief Tuesday with the state Supreme Court arguing that pro-gay-marriage rulings in federal courts across the country won't be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
05, Apr 2014 - Little Rock, AR Desegregation case inches to resolution
LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansas' long-running desegregation lawsuit inched closer to a resolution Friday when a federal judge said he was satisfied with a rural school district's plan to provide colleg...
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