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Do I Need a Social Security Lawyer?

If you're considering applying for Social Security disability, you may be wondering - do I need a Social Security lawyer to represent me? The straight answer is no - there's no requirement that you be(...)

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Sports Chiropractic for Achilles, Calf, Shoulder Injury Pain - San Jose - Janzen and Janzen
This is a testimonial from a patient at Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic in Campbell, California. The patient is a 49 year old man who is very active and in good health overall. However, with age comes more of those aches and pains, because the body doesn't take the punishment as well as it did as when we were young. With his Chiropractic Care and Active Release Therapy (ART), this man is able to continue to work out regularly, life relatively heavy weights, and play all of the sports he wants to play with very little down time when he tweaks something. We are Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic Health Center serving, Campbell, San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, and the greater Silicon Valley. You can find out more about us at Please visit our site if you have injured yourself, but need to get back on the field, or court fast.
Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law - Domestic Violence Lawyers
San Francisco City Attorney Herrera - Press Conference - Addressing Proposition 8, 11/20/08 **Part 2**