Court releases new redistricting maps for Texas
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Court releases new redistricting maps for Texas Houston Chronicle Copyright 2012 Houston Chronicle. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Updated 06:22 a.m., Wednesday, February 29, 2012 A federal court in San Antonio released interim redistricting maps Tuesday that gave a political victory to Republicans in the Texas Legislature and ...

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Bill Betzen : Do the effects mentioned about the new Texas Congressional map include the insult to democracy? The new Texas Congressional map from PlanC235 takes a state with a 45% Anglo non-Hispanic population and gerrymanders the 36 districts such that 66% of them are majority Anglo. This is achieved without an election! When an election happens, and at the voting booth they eliminate those unable or unwilling to vote (that is what voting booths are for, not redistricting) it will push the Anglo majority numbers even higher, as normally happens in an election. How is the redistricting part of this equation done? Two reports were finished this week to illustrate. They can be downloaded from The first report is a scatter graph that shows several exceptionally incriminating patterns that could never have happened by accident. It is obvious that this map was planned to produce the prejudicial outcome. The second report follows patterns with both the Anglo percentages and the Minority percentages. Again, these maps are no accident! This gerrymandered redistricting must be stopped in 2022, if this map cannot be eliminated before then! A more transparent redistricting process is mandatory! We must have more active and functional citizen involvement. It is obvious the Legislature ignored the repeated citizen testimony at the many redistricting hearings urging an end to gerrymandering. Citizens repeatedly asked for an end to the cutting up of their counties, cities and/or neighborhoods! They were ignored! The next redistricting process must be available online so that every citizen can draw their own maps and understand the immense power available with redistricting. Then more of the public will understand what has been happening behind closed doors. With the resulting anger, politicians will not dare repeat what they did with PlanC235 that is now apparently going to be the map used for the next 10 years.
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