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Illinois's state court system is large, but is relatively simple in structure. In Illinois, Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, criminal, domestic relations, small claims, traffic, and civil cases. The Illinois the Appellate Court hears civil, criminal, and some administrative agency appeals. The Illinois Supreme Court is the state's highest court and handles appeals from the state's appellate courts.

You can view the Illinois's Supreme Court's docket at Although most Illinois court records are public record, each county sets their own policies regarding how to review or obtain copies of any Illinois court documents. Some counties have an online database where basic case information can be viewed, while others require that you submit a request in writing, or go the courthouse during regular business hours to get copies. You can find contact information for each of the Illinois state courts at on the Illinois Courts website at The Illinois Courts website also provides an extensive amount of other information, including copies of court opinions, court rules, information for jurors, and a number of self-help forms for those who have cases in Illinois state courts.
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Illinois Court News
25, Nov 2014 - 2 credit houses take no major action on Illinois
Two major credit houses aren't overly worried about an Illinois judge tossing out a pension overhaul designed to close a $100 billion deficit, but neither is thrilled with the state's financial condition.
25, Nov 2014 - Jersey, IL Readington Township man caught with drugs on way to Illinois music festival sentenced to 9 years in
Prison officials will consider whether a request he be allowed to serve his sentence in a New Jersey prison, according to the newspaper.
25, Nov 2014 - Green light for Illinois red-light camera law
Red-light cameras will stay put at intersections in Illinois after a divided state Supreme Court couldn't reach a decision on their legality in a test case focused on Chicago, according to a Thursday filing. ...
25, Nov 2014 - State Supreme Court judge appears to have narrow win in retention race
Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier hadn't declared victory as of Wednesday, but by the slimmest of margins he appears to have staved off a furious, last-minute effort by plaintiffs' lawyers to unseat him.
25, Nov 2014 - CFTC Charges California Resident Thomas Gillons with Fraud and Acting as an Unregistered Futures Co
Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today announced the filing of a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, charging Defendant Thomas Gillons of Napa County, California, with fraud and acting as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) without being registered as such with the CFTC.
25, Nov 2014 - Lisle, IL Illinois governments face loss of more than $50 million in fraud scheme
Dozens of local governments — from Downers Grove to Frankfort — face investment losses totaling more than $50 million of taxpayer money in a fraud scheme the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago are unraveling.
25, Nov 2014 - Carbondale, IL Carbondale pair sentenced for violent crime
A man and woman from Carbondale, Illinois were sentenced for their role in a home invasion on March 15 in Carbondale, according to Michael C. Carr, Jackson County state's attorney.
25, Nov 2014 - Monroe, IL 61-year-old Elkville man sentenced to prison for burgalry
An Elkville, Illinois man was sentenced to prison for burglary and attempted burglary on November 13.
25, Nov 2014 - Mclean, IL Illinois man gets 285-year sentence for sex assaults
A central Illinois man has been sentenced to 285 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults on two minor boys.
25, Nov 2014 - Macon, IL Judging the judges
To the consternation of many people, Illinois elects its judges — kind of.   The public has a chance in the Nov. 4 election to render a verdict on members of the local judiciary. To the consternation of many people, Illinois elects its judges — kind of. read more
25, Nov 2014 - Chicago, IL Judge: No release for Illinois man in terror case
CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge says a 20-year-old American accused of trying to join al-Qaida-affiliated fighters in Syria will remain jailed pending trial.
25, Nov 2014 - Marion, IL Federal inmate accused of attacking prison worker
A Maryland man serving a 60-year federal prison sentence has pleaded not guilty to charges he assaulted a correctional officer in Illinois.
25, Nov 2014 - Mclean, IL Illinois man gets 285 years for sex assaults
A central Illinois man has been sentenced to 285 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults on two minor boys.
25, Nov 2014 - IDOC explains plans to treat mentally ill inmates
BLOOMINGTON -- A report says Illinois' prison system is ready to create four treatment units and add 350 clinical staff to help improve conditions for mentally ill inmates.The document was filed recently by the Illinois Department of Corrections as part of civil litigation working its way through federal court in Peoria.The (Bloomington) [...]
25, Nov 2014 - Court: Wisconsin employer must arbitrate termination of union employee
(11/20) An employer covered by a labor agreement fired a union employee and then argued the matter wasn't subject to arbitration. Read on to see what the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin—thought of that argument.
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Federal Court in Illinois Orders Chicago-based Introducing Broker New World Holdings, LLC to Pay $5
Failing to supervise an employee ? How about co-conspirator? The mystery women is on, if not already on her way to serve a Fed sentence. Erdman barely snuc(...)
01 14, 2014 | 23:18 Report Abuse
Rash infects prisoners in Taylorville prison
dig deeper in this.... there more to this. SPRINGFIELD HIDING MORE..(...)
11 30, 2013 | 05:58 Report Abuse
Judge: No new trial for convicted baby killer
Pamela Jacobazzi was convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of baby Czapski in 1999. The death was attributed to something that allegedly happened to (...)
09 23, 2013 | 23:54 Report Abuse
NJ woman gets probation in dog-in-trash chute case - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News,
Why is it that in animal cases, and even some cases involving children, the guilty party get a bare minimum slap on the wrist, as if animals aren't importa(...)
09 04, 2013 | 18:32 Report Abuse
Power Liens Doctor Directory Expands to California
How does work? Do they the doctors sell their judgments and liens to this company?(...)
12 18, 2012 | 15:00 Report Abuse
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Dear Sir's I just wanted to say hello and happy holiday's to you all. I need to file a B.K. sir would you and your staff please assist? If so very cool t(...)
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Dear Sir's I had an apartment low end but clean. The apartment itself weren't finished. Nasty bathroom. I cleaned everything but later complained to the 'n(...)
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To Frank Zelezinski, in Markham
your Honor, My name is William Furnace. I was in your courtroom On Dec.31 2012. I was placed on Propbation for a possesion of controlled substance. Im A Ve(...)
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To Justin Skidmore, in Murphysboro Courthouse
I have been fighting for my daughter visitation for over several years. when I received visitation rights, things were o.k but not good enough for my child(...)
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