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Iowa's courts include District Courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Iowa Supreme Court. Iowa's 99 counties are divided into 8 districts, each having a District Court that handles the majority of cases, including small claims, juvenile, mental health, violation of city/county ordinance, criminal, probate, domestic relations, and general civil cases. If you appeal a District Court decision in Iowa, it will be reviewed by the Iowa Court of Appeals. The Iowa Supreme Court is the state's highest court and hears appellate court appeals.

If you're seeking information regarding Iowa court records, you can visit, Iowa's online docket record search website. This website provides information including case titles, a list of filings, and child support and fine payments, as well as a copy of the court docket. Additional information, including case schedules, exhibit lists, bonds, and lien indexes is available for an additional $25 monthly charge. Copies of Iowa court documents aren't found on this website. If you're seeking copies of Iowa state court records, you'll need to contact the clerk of court office for the county in which the records are held.
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Q: When a person makes an agreement to set-up another person or persons by working with police to get their own charges reduced or thrown out, is there anywhere that the person they set-up or the public would be able to see who set them up? For instance when some1 (non police officer) does a controlled buy/sell of drugs to another person (for whatever reason it may be) or acts as an informant/works with police or drug task force. Or is the 'informant's name kept anonymous and withheld from court record filings? Either way, what type of event or motion or order would it typically be labeled as in court records? Also are the online records the same as what actually gets filed at courthouse? Also do all court records make it onto the iowacourts website?
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Iowa Court News
20, Sep 2014 - Des Moines, IA Iowa settles with worker over wrongful firing
Iowa has settled a case with a state worker who had sued after being fired from the Polk County Clerk of Court's office in 2004.
20, Sep 2014 - Convicted former investment broker accused of violating protection order
CEDAR RAPIDS — A Cedar Rapids man serving 25 years for bilking investors out of thousands earlier this year was back in court Friday claiming he didn’t violate a no contact order. Assistant Iowa Attorney General Rob Sand said Alan Lucas, 44, convicted of ongoing criminal conduct and first-degree theft last year, violated a protection order which bans him from contacting the victims he cheated ...
20, Sep 2014 - Madison, IA Dubuque man accused of selling crack cocaine from candy store
DUBUQUE — A Dubuque man is accused of selling cocaine out of a now-closed candy store there. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Iowa, on four occasions in January and February, 35-year-old Dwayne Howard is accused of selling crack cocaine to another person. Three of those sales allegedly took place inside Wayne’s Candy, a candy store Howard operated in Dubuque ...
20, Sep 2014 - Des Moines, IA Arsonist Set to be Released from Prison Early
DES MOINES, Iowa — An Indianola man sentenced to 30 years in prison on arson and drug charges is making plans for his release and it’s coming after just two years behind bars. Forty-eight-year-old David Brommel’s crime spree started in 2011 with meth manufacturing charges. While out on bond for that arrest, he added two 2nd degree arson charges after burning down DHS buildings in Indianola and ...
20, Sep 2014 - Des Moines, IA Iowa farming officials seek punishment for thieves
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ Iowa farm officials are seeking to enforce a mandatory minimum sentence for the felony theft of livestock and crops.
20, Sep 2014 - Madison, IA Sexually graphic movies in Iowa prisons to be reviewed
A woman officer says she suffered gender discrimination and a hostile work environment.
20, Sep 2014 - Madison, IA At trial, female officer will argue graphic sexual movies enticed Iowa inmates to harass her
IOWA CITY, Iowa — An Iowa prison's practice of showing male inmates sexually graphic movies is the focus of a trial beginning next week in which a female officer will argue the images encouraged them to harass and threaten her.
20, Sep 2014 - Story, IA Court to consider Louisell resentencing
The resentencing case of a woman convicted of murder in Story County when she was 17 will go before the Iowa Supreme Court Thursday during a special session of the court in Iowa City.
20, Sep 2014 - Madison, IA Appeals court upholds conviction in 2011 Waterloo murder
WATERLOO | The Iowa Court of Appeals has upheld the murder conviction of a Waterloo man who shot a Parkersburg man in the back of the neck as part of a gang dispute in 2011.
20, Sep 2014 - Lee, IA Weber sentenced to two years in prison for driving a stolen Harley
Christopher Lee Weber, 35, of Boone, was sentenced on Friday, Sept. 12, to two years in prison with the Iowa Department of Corrections.
19, Sep 2014 - Marshalltown, IA Pre-Trial Conference Set for Marshalltown Murder Suspect
MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Formal charges will be filed this week for a Marshalltown man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. Branden Collins, 28, faces a first degree murder charge, two charges of child endangerment and two drug related charges. According to court documents, his pre-trial conference is scheduled for Tuesday. Last week, paramedics found Jossilyn Starn ...
19, Sep 2014 - Bennett, IA Court broadens scope of death penalty retrial
IOWA CITY (AP) — An appeals court says the death penalty retrial for an Iowa woman convicted of helping kill five people in 1993 will be broader than the trial judge wanted. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that jurors must first decide whether Angela Johnson is eligible for the death penalty, and then whether that should be imposed on each count. The ruling is a victory for ...
19, Sep 2014 - Muscatine, IA Benton Mackenzie supporters to rally before sentencing
Supporters of a man who says he was treating terminal cancer with cannabis oil before he was caught and convicted on Iowa drug charges this summer are expected to rally outside the Scott County Courthouse in Davenport before today's sentencing.
19, Sep 2014 - Des Moines, IA Iowa prisons use pricey pill to treat hepatitis C
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The state Corrections Department has started limited use of a hepatitis drug that costs $1,000 per pill. Supporters of Solvadi's use argue that it cures more than 90 percent of people who take it, depending on which virus strain they have, The Des ...
19, Sep 2014 - Judge to sentence cancer patient in marijuana case
A judge will consider Tuesday whether to send a dying Iowa man to prison for a drug conviction that he said stemmed from his use of marijuana to treat terminal cancer.
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UPDATE: Businesses can fire ‘irresistible’ workers, Iowa Supreme Court rules
This is ruling is a complete injustice toward women. I am absolutely outraged. A woman should not be held responsible for someone else's (especially an emp(...)
12 23, 2012 | 18:31 Report Abuse
03 21, 2013 | 14:18 Report Abuse
Police: Man Rams Wife's Pickup With Dump Truck -
A new and dangerous subplot is actively brewing behind the scenes at the Iowa Courts Online system. During a routine traffic stop, one Iowa man discovered (...)
02 26, 2012 | 00:23 Report Abuse
Former Fayetteville resident accused of Medicaid fraud - Fayetteville Observer
She needs to be senteced to a few years in jail. I know this woman personally and I know that she has done more that the state and government has not caug(...)
01 23, 2012 | 09:39 Report Abuse
I agree Summer, I also personally know this girl, and you're right she has been deceiving Medicaid for years and getting away with it. It's about time she (...)
01 30, 2012 | 23:53 Report Abuse
and gee, go figure at how many good citizens know slimeballs such as this who they personally know have been guilty of victemizing others for years....and (...)
05 02, 2012 | 00:15 Report Abuse
Actually, I did report this sorry ass thief to NC Medicaid and NC Division of Health and Human services, gave them very detailed info, but nothing came of (...)
05 31, 2012 | 17:50 Report Abuse
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To Kathleen Kilnoski, in Page County Courthouse
Dear Judge Kathleen Kilnoski ,Out of desperation for my spousal support payments I hired an Iowa attorney with my income tax refund in order to recover the(...)
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