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Montana's Municipal Courts only handle traffic and parking issues. Montana's Justice Courts and City Courts also handle traffic issues, and share jurisdiction over cases related to torts, contracts, and real property - Justice Courts also handle small claims cases. Montana has Water Courts that adjudicate water rights disputes, and Workers Compensation Courts, which exclusively handle Workers Compensation issues. Montana's District Courts a wide variety of claims including those relating to torts, contracts, real property, mental health, estates, domestic relations, and juvenile issues, as well as criminal cases and other civil cases. The Montana Supreme Court hears all types of appeals, including those in civil, criminal, and administrative cases.

To obtain copies of Montana court records for a District Court case, contact the Clerk of Courts for the court where the case took place. To obtain copies of Montana court documents in a Justice, Municipal, or City court case, contact the office of the judge who handled the case. A directory of Montana courts can be found at Some information regarding Workers Compensation Court cases can be found on the courts website at
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Montana Court News
20, Aug 2014 - Deer Lodge, MT Montana State Prison health services ace national re-accreditation review
DEER LODGE — State Corrections Director Mike Batista announced that the infirmary at the Montana State Prison has been re-accredited for three years. A two-day onsite audit conducted by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) survey team in May this year found that the medical and mental health care services provided at the men’s prison met all of the commission’s 68 ...
20, Aug 2014 - Montana Supreme Court rejects appeal by Billings rancher in horse abuse case
BILLINGS -- The Montana Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by James Henry Leachman for his 2012 misdemeanor convictions for cruelty to animals. Leachman filed the appeal in February 2014.
20, Aug 2014 - Deer Lodge, MT ‘Seusspeare’ show slated in Deer Lodge
DEER LODGE — Stage Left Productions presents “Seusspeare: Romeo and Juliet’s Restaurant Wars,” a spoof of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. at the Deer Lodge Gunport Theatre in the Old Montana Prison
20, Aug 2014 - Billings man gets 100 years for slayings of 2 sisters
A 23-year-old man who murdered two sisters in January 2012 — stabbing one of them more than 130 times — was sentenced Tuesday to 100 years in Montana State Prison.
20, Aug 2014 - Park, MT Former corrections nurse who had sex with inmate sentenced to 25 years; 10 suspended
The former corrections nurse who had sex with an inmate was sentenced to 25 years at the Montana Women's Prison, with 10 suspended.
20, Aug 2014 - Yellowstone, MT Man sentenced to 100 years in prison for stabbing death of two Billings sisters
UPDATE 11:06 a.m.: Judge Mary Jane Knisely sentenced Denning to 100 years in the Montana State Prison for each murder.
20, Aug 2014 - MT Supreme Court rejects appeal by Billings rancher in horse abuse case
BILLINGS -- The Montana Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by James Henry Leachman for his 2012 misdemeanor convictions for cruelty to animals. Leachman filed the appeal in February 2014.
20, Aug 2014 - Cascade, MT Montana Law Enforcement Memorial Adds One More Name
The old Montana prison keeps track of all the law enforcement officers in the state who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
20, Aug 2014 - Bozeman, MT Trial in Bozeman starts for a Helena man accused of rape
NBC Montana is tracking an ongoing trial in Bozeman, for a Helena man charged with rape.
20, Aug 2014 - Libby judge warns attorney general about DUI program
Lincoln County District Judge James Wheelis told Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and 11 prosecutors and law enforcement officials that he will penalize them if they contact him again about the state’s 24/7 Sobriety Program outside of a courtroom.
19, Aug 2014 - Missoula, MT Missoula man gets eight years for Bakken construction fraud
MISSOULA - Jonathan Lee Oliver, a 41-year-old Missoula resident, was sentenced to 100 months in prison for diverting money he received from customers in eastern Montana, North Dakota, and other places, and using the money to buy himself a house, several vehicles, two jet skis, a luxury motor home, a diamond engagement ring, and various other items.
19, Aug 2014 - Missoula, MT Missoula Jury Awards Kelly Logging $17 Million
MISSOULA, Mont., Aug. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A Montana jury announced its $17 Million verdict last night in favor of Kelly Logging, Inc. ("Kelly"), a Missoula-based company, against First Interstate Bank, its lender.  First Interstate Bank took $762,000 out of Kelly's checking account to pay off a note which was current, was not due, and had not matured.   After a 7-day trial in the District ...
19, Aug 2014 - Yellowstone, MT Baugh to appear in Helena for reprimand
BILLINGS - Yellowstone County District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh is set to become only the second judge in recent years to receive one of the highest levels of discipline when he appears before the Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday.
19, Aug 2014 - Denning gets 100 years in prison for 2012 slayings of 2 sisters
A 23-year-old man who murdered two sisters in January 2012 — stabbing one of them more than 130 times — was sentenced Tuesday to 100 years in Montana State Prison.
19, Aug 2014 - Build your own legal case
Equal treatment under the law? Not when so many Montanans are left to represent themselves in civil court by Jessica Mayrer A young woman with her hair tied back in a ponytail takes a break from filling out a stack of divorce and custody documents to reassure her baby, who plays in a car seat perched atop a chair. The woman coos at the child, then directs her attention back to the paperwork and ...
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Supreme court backs county in Kichnet case - Montana Standard
If this writer was a school bus driver and a four-year-old child was exiting my bus, this writer would have waited until the four-year-old child was safely(...)
03 23, 2012 | 15:23 Report Abuse
Petition asks Montana judge Cebull to resign
There is no room for racism in the Federal, or any, court. Judge Cebull has lost the pillar of dispensing justice - TRUST and IMPARTIALITY.(...)
03 02, 2012 | 21:41 Report Abuse
You are not fit to judge others...(...)
03 05, 2012 | 18:11 Report Abuse
Get that dreadful "human being" off the bench. What fool appointed him? Shameful, Sick, Awful and apparently most Republicans are just like him. (...)
03 05, 2012 | 18:15 Report Abuse
isn't a judge supposed to be non-partisan? He's not only partisan, he's disgussting!!!!!(...)
03 05, 2012 | 18:22 Report Abuse
Resign for sending such a racist message. If this is an example of your "judgement" then you don't belong on the bench.(...)
03 05, 2012 | 18:35 Report Abuse
You are an embarassment, Cebull, get out. (...)
03 05, 2012 | 18:45 Report Abuse
Trust in the ability of Judge Cebull, his office, and the Federal courts in Montana have now been compromised as no one can honestly know that any court de(...)
03 05, 2012 | 19:32 Report Abuse
Cebull's email was so hateful that it took my breath away. Every case in which he has rendered judgment should be reviewed..(...)
03 05, 2012 | 21:16 Report Abuse
He is not only racist, he's also misogynistic. He's the Rush Limbaugh of the Federal Courts. Resign, you're a disgrace to MT.(...)
03 06, 2012 | 00:09 Report Abuse
"Hope it touches your heart like it did mine."??? That statement obviously shows your forwarding of the racist, misogynistic email was not some impulsive a(...)
03 06, 2012 | 10:26 Report Abuse
There should be no room for a Judge with such poor judgment. He should salvage whats left of his honor by resigning.(...)
03 07, 2012 | 18:29 Report Abuse
you shouldn't be judging cattle judge cebull.(...)
03 07, 2012 | 18:30 Report Abuse
Resign.....there will soon be an opening on Clear Channel for you to fill, and that you qualify for hands down (...)
03 07, 2012 | 18:38 Report Abuse
How can the judge do his job without prejudging people if this is what he thinks??? would he have passed on that joke if it was about Bush or Clinton?? or(...)
03 07, 2012 | 20:47 Report Abuse
Cebull needs to go, that's the bottom line. Geez, They'll make anybody chief federal judge these days! The pretext presented does not justify nor excuses C(...)
03 08, 2012 | 00:47 Report Abuse
he is mentally unfit to remain a judge. he showed his true color and that is awful.(...)
03 08, 2012 | 10:01 Report Abuse
This judge has violated the very tenants of the codes that he at some point swore to uphold. He used Government facilities to transmit his hate filled rac(...)
03 28, 2012 | 17:06 Report Abuse
Recent Open Letters
To Richard Cebull, in Billings Montana
Judge Cebull; You may not agree with our current President. That is one of your many freedoms this great country affords you. However, as a federal empl(...)
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