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Shane Mosley Admits to Knowingly Using EPO in Lawsuit Against BALCO's Victor Conte
Excerpts from Shane Mosley's 10/27/09 testimony in his defamation case against Victor Conte. Transcript is below Page 5 2 THE VIDEOGRAPHER: This Is Tape 3 No. 1 of the videotaped deposition of 4 Shane Mosley, taken by Judd Burnstein [actually by Conte's attorney Tom Harvey] 5 in the matter of Mosley versus Conte. 6 This deposition is being held at 7 1790 Broadway, New York, New York, on 8 October 27, 2009, at approximately 9 9:43 am Page 133 13 Q. But the injection was EPO, 14 right? 15 A. It was EPO, yes. 16 Q. And you knew it was EPO that 17 day, correct? 18 A. Yeah, I guess. I knew it was 19 something, yeah. Page 142 4 Q. Okay. As you sit here today, 5 did you -- let me just finish the 6 question. As we sit here today, prior to 7 going to the Grand Jury in December of 8 2003, did you know you were taking EPO, 9 yes or no? 10 A. Yes. Page 176 12 Q. And you knew you -- you took EPO 13 that day on July 26, 2003, correct? 14 A. Yes. Page 223 23 Q. In 2003 the fight with Oscar was 24 in Nevada? 25 A. Nevada. Page 224 2 Q. And So who would have oversight 3 of that fight? 4 A. It would be the Nevada -- the 5 Nevada commission, yeah. 6 Q. Does the Nevada commission, are 7 they -- do you know if in 2003 they would 8 have been open seven days a week? 9 A. Probably not. Probably Monday 10 through Fridays. 11 Q. Right. So wouldn't it be fair 12 to say you took the EPO before Conte could 13 have called any commission? 14 A. Yeah, I guess, I mean.
Mirena IUD Lawyer White Pine County, NV 1-800-TEAM-LAW Nevada Lawsuit
Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer White Pine County, NV 1-800-TEAM-LAW Nevada Lawsuit
Court Reporter White Pine County, NV (866) 357-1796 Nevada
Mesothelioma Lawyer White Pine County, NV (800) 859-6164 Nevada
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer White Pine County, NV (866) 209-4366 Nevada Lawsuit Settlement

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12, Oct 2014 - Here's the status of gay marriage in all 50 states
The Supreme Court turned away appeals this week that effectively raised the number of states allowing the practice from 19 to 30. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court rejected bans in Idaho and Nevada, which would become the 31st and 32nd states with same-sex marriage if the ruling is not put on hold for the Supreme Court to consider.
12, Oct 2014 - Carson City, NV Nevada prison system needs 100 more officers to properly fill posts, report says
Nevada’s prisons are not adequately filling the custody posts and guard towers because of a shortage of staff, a report says. The yearlong study says 100 additional officers are needed to ...
12, Oct 2014 - Ninth Circuit ruling adds five more states where gay marriage will be legal
A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Tuesday struck down bans on same-sex marriages in Idaho and Nevada, thus establishing a legal precedent that will likely pave the way for same-sex marriages throughout the entire nine-state judicial circuit.
08, Oct 2014 - U.S. Supreme Court Puts Temporary Hold On Same Sex Marriages In Idaho
The U.S. Supreme Court has put a temporary hold on same-sex marriage moving forward in Idaho and Nevada. A federal appeals court Tuesday struck down current bans in those two states, and later ordered its ruling to go into effect immediately. Idaho officials then asked the high court to intervene on an emergency basis and […]
08, Oct 2014 - Appeals court says gay marriage legal in Idaho, Nevada
An appeals court also issues a mandate that allows Idaho couples to wed immediately.
08, Oct 2014 - Appeals Court Says Gay Marriage Legal Immediately in Idaho
BOISE | Gay and lesbian couples in Idaho and Nevada can get married now, since a federal appeals court declared gay marriage legal in both states Tuesday.
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To Michael Young, in Kingman Justice Courts
In response to my case, Case# CR15505, I had court in your city for not having my dogs registered. I live in the city of Henderson Nevada and was told to e(...)
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To Unknown Sattler, in Carson City Courthouse, Carson City, Nv.
Whitney Wolfe is longtime friend of Joseph Satter who is retired in Florida. Knew Joe while working with Edward Weck & Co, Bristol Myers Squibb. We alway(...)
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To William King, in Lebanon Justice Court,ore
dear judge,my name is William king ,I spend a couple of weeks in your town due to the death of my mother Mavia King,sometime in the 90s,i have a fine still(...)
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To Brent Adams, in Carson City Nevada
How do you sleep at night knowing that you added to the abuse of a 6 year old girl by giving her molester a 1 year sentence? You should be impeached immedi(...)
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