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If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the appeal of your case in the your state's court of last resort or the federal appellate court, your next aim will be to obtain a court order from the Supre(...)

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Why Trial is Not Always the Best Solution for Divorce in North Carolina
Why Trial is Not Always the Best Solution (704) 557-0131 What I wanted to talk to you today about is the new trend sweeping this country in litigation. In fact, it's what I call anti-litigation. It's called the collaborative law process. When I started 15 years ago, I am not ashamed to say I was employed and worked for one of the biggest, nastiest bulldogs in this county. We made a practice of going to court every single day and we employed what we call a scorched earth approach, which means it was no-holds bar, and everything was fair. The problem with that it also left no prisoners. You put everything out there and you litigate everything. The problem with family law is it doesn't work best that way because when we're done, when the lawyer wins their case (and I've won more than my share just being nasty), when the lawyer wins, we walk away from the case and you remain. The damage to your family remains. The name-calling that comes in the court is difficult to hear, and it's difficult to live with once you walk out of the courtroom. McIlveen Family Law Firm 401 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 557-0131
Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer Polk County, NC 1-800-TEAM-LAW North Carolina Lawsuit
Court Reporter Polk County, NC (866) 357-1796 North Carolina
Mesothelioma Lawyer Polk County, NC (800) 859-6164 North Carolina
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Polk County, NC (866) 209-4366 North Carolina Lawsuit Settlement
History Worth Saving: Restoring the Polk County Courthouse

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Nonprofit asks court to stop sale of land leased for N.C. Cultural Center
Why is the Lumbee Tribe ,which is more of a corporation and not a federally Recognized tribe being given a Race or Ethnic based preference over the Public (...)
09 07, 2013 | 20:25
New method to stop forced NC annexation blocked - The News & Observer
I find it very interesting that the judge in this case is the daughter-in-law of Tony Rand, the former NC state senator who was long-time arch opponent of (...)
03 29, 2012 | 17:04
Woman convicted in Swain County murders - Smoky Mountain News
You do not know her like I know her okay I love her she is my cousin and I know her I trust her. And I know if she said she had no idea this was goin on th(...)
03 25, 2012 | 18:49
Jason Young: Second trial of man who 'beat his pregnant wife to death while pretending to be aw
why were there not more prints found of the supposed real killer and if jaso had no injuries and it is thought she fought back then where is the evidence f(...)
03 01, 2012 | 13:31
Legal experts: Durham court feud an 'embarrassment' - WRAL
She better watch her back. The State Bar will trump up charges against her in a heart beat. They protect their judges and attorneys in their circle. Jus(...)
11 23, 2011 | 00:41
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To Graham Mullen, in Federal Court In Mechlenburg County
I My name is Marcello B Parks and I am writing in regards of you being my sentencing judge, also in regards to my probation violation. I have been in Meck(...)
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To Candace Dean, in Guikford County High Point North Carolina
My Husband and I hired an attorney in May 2013 from High Point North Carolina by the name of Wilbur L Linton Jr. We paid Linton in full in May 2013 to take(...)
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To Rochelle Hunt, in Mcdowell County Courthouse
i would like to know how i was given a court appointed lawyer when i had signed a waiver to hire my own or represent myself(...)
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To James Fox, in Us Federal Court
Dear Judge Fox: I am writing to express my disgust with our Court Systems. I am a former NIH and FBI whistle blower who has been treated with total disre(...)
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