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The North Carolina state court system is relatively simple. At its lowest level are the North Carolina District Courts, which handle a variety of civil cases including North Carolina small claims cases and those relating to juvenile, domestic relations, and mental health matters. Next are the North Carolina Superior Courts, which handle higher value civil cases and North Carolina criminal matters. If you appeal a Superior Court decision in North Carolina, this will be heard in the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The North Carolina Supreme Court is the state's highest court and hears Court of Appeals cases that have been appealed, as well as any case involving a potential death penalty sentence. If you're trying to find North Carolina court records online, information regarding North Carolina Superior Court and Court of Appeals cases can be viewed at the North Carolina Docket Sheet database. This online court records system is located at To obtain other North Carolina court documents you will need to contact the Clerk of Courts office in the North Carolina county where the case took place.
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North Carolina Court News
20, Sep 2014 - Feeling guilty, N.C. man admits to desert murder
A pang of conscience drove a Western North Carolina man across the country and into prison for the next decade.
20, Sep 2014 - DNA Evidence Frees 2 Men Imprisoned for 30 Years
LUMBERTON, N.C. — A North Carolina judge overturned the convictions Tuesday of two men who have served 30 years in prison for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl after another man's DNA was recently discovered on evidence in the case. Superior Court Judge Douglass Sasser ordered the immediate release of Henry McCollum, 50, and Leon Brown, 46. The half brothers were convicted in the 1983 ...
20, Sep 2014 - Burke, NC Former U.S. sailor who spied for Soviets dies in prison; John A. Walker Jr. led family spy ring
RALEIGH, N.C. — A former American sailor convicted during the Cold War of leading a family spy ring for the Soviet Union has died in a prison hospital in North Carolina, officials said Friday. Retired Navy Warrant Officer John A. Walker Jr. died Thursday at the Federal Medical Center in ...
20, Sep 2014 - Justice Scalia Says Executing The Innocent Doesn't Violate The Constitution
Two North Carolina men were exonerated  earlier this week due to new DNA evidence after spending 30 years in prison, where one was awaiting the death penalty, highlighting the reality that innocent men can end up on death row.  Back in 1994 conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia voted against a petition asking the Supreme Court to review the case of one of those men, Henry McCollum ...
20, Sep 2014 - Convictions for N.C. men overturned: why there's been uptick in exonerations
On Tuesday, a North Carolina Superior Court judge exonerated Henry McCollum and Leon Brown of the 1983 rape and murder of a young girl, based on recent DNA analysis of evidence. Mr. McCollum had spent three decades on death row, and Mr. Brown was serving a life sentence. Judge Douglas Sasser overturned the previous convictions after DNA analysis of a cigarette butt found near sticks used in the ...
20, Sep 2014 - Freed pair will seek pardons
RALEIGH — Henry McCollum and Leon Brown are planning to ask for pardons after they were freed this week from North Carolina prisons following the discovery of evidence that they didn’t kill a young girl 30 years ago.
20, Sep 2014 - Burke, NC Ex-U.S. sailor who was a spy
A former American sailor convicted during the Cold War of leading a family spy ring for the Soviet Union has died in a prison hospital in North Carolina, officials said Friday. Retired Navy Warrant Officer John A. Walker Jr. died Thursday at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke said. Walker was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty in ...
20, Sep 2014 - Appeals court sets quick date on North Carolina voting law
A federal appeals court decided Tuesday to hasten arguments in a case challenging a tough, new North Carolina voting law that critics say will suppress minority voter turnout in November.
20, Sep 2014 - North Carolina truck driver sentenced for sexually assaulting children in Farrell and Sharon
A Mercer County judge has sentenced a North Carolina truck driver to 25 to 75 years in prison for sexually assaulting four children in Farrell and Sharon between 2009 and 2011.
20, Sep 2014 - Judge blocks North Carolina school voucher program
A North Carolina judge on Thursday blocked the state's new school voucher program, saying it unconstitutionally diverted money from public education to private schools, many of them religious. The Opportunity Scholarship program, designed to give poor and middle-class families public funds to help pay private school tuition, was passed by the state's Republican-controlled Legislature last year ...
20, Sep 2014 - Lynn, NC Waiving right to trial would be defendants' choice
When voters go to the polls in November, they'll decide whether North Carolina will join 49 other states in giving criminal defendants another option to a jury trial.
20, Sep 2014 - Noncompete agreements: North Carolina Court of Appeals sharpens the blue pencil
(9/2) When it comes to the enforcement of noncompetes, North Carolina has adopted the "strict blue-pencil doctrine," which means that when the language of a covenant not to compete is overly broad, the courts are severely limited in what they may do to alter it. However, a new case from the North Carolina Court of Appeals suggests that there may be a contractual way to avoid the strict blue ...
20, Sep 2014 - Wake, NC Two brothers walk free after decades in North Carolina prison
Two brothers who spent more than 30 years in prison for a murder they didn’t commit were released Wednesday, a day after a judge overturned their convictions.
20, Sep 2014 - Ashe, NC 3 more sentenced in $40 million ‘Black Diamond’ investment fraud
A federal judge in Charlotte this week sent three more financiers to prison, all linked to a massive Ponzi scheme that devoured life savings across Western North Carolina.
19, Sep 2014 - Marin judge orders Lowe's Home Centers to pay $1.6 million settlement
North Carolina-based Lowe's Home Centers has been ordered to pay $1.6 million to settle a lawsuit by prosecutors from Marin and four other counties alleging inaccurate and misleading advertising, the district attorney's office announced Wednesday.
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Nonprofit asks court to stop sale of land leased for N.C. Cultural Center
Why is the Lumbee Tribe ,which is more of a corporation and not a federally Recognized tribe being given a Race or Ethnic based preference over the Public (...)
09 07, 2013 | 20:25 Report Abuse
New method to stop forced NC annexation blocked - The News & Observer
I find it very interesting that the judge in this case is the daughter-in-law of Tony Rand, the former NC state senator who was long-time arch opponent of (...)
03 29, 2012 | 17:04 Report Abuse
Woman convicted in Swain County murders - Smoky Mountain News
You do not know her like I know her okay I love her she is my cousin and I know her I trust her. And I know if she said she had no idea this was goin on th(...)
03 25, 2012 | 18:49 Report Abuse
Jason Young: Second trial of man who 'beat his pregnant wife to death while pretending to be aw
why were there not more prints found of the supposed real killer and if jaso had no injuries and it is thought she fought back then where is the evidence f(...)
03 01, 2012 | 13:31 Report Abuse
Legal experts: Durham court feud an 'embarrassment' - WRAL
She better watch her back. The State Bar will trump up charges against her in a heart beat. They protect their judges and attorneys in their circle. Jus(...)
11 23, 2011 | 00:41 Report Abuse
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I My name is Marcello B Parks and I am writing in regards of you being my sentencing judge, also in regards to my probation violation. I have been in Meck(...)
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My Husband and I hired an attorney in May 2013 from High Point North Carolina by the name of Wilbur L Linton Jr. We paid Linton in full in May 2013 to take(...)
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To Rochelle Hunt, in Mcdowell County Courthouse
i would like to know how i was given a court appointed lawyer when i had signed a waiver to hire my own or represent myself(...)
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To Alex Stanley, in Pitt County Courthouse
I was placed on probation on April 14, 2012. I was granted a 90-96 and had to serve only 12months of Supervised Probation and ordered to pay fees. After (...)
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