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Burnt down house
Sadly last month my dads friend's friend's house caught on fire from a grease fire and destroyed the whole house..... There was a cat that lived there but I'm not sure it got out ... Bless it's little heart.... If you live in Uhrichsville or Dennison Ohio that house is by the water park and closer beside the tennis court ... You will see the house... I have dreams about this house like really weird one like 2 nights ago I had a dream where I was crying and it was like 4 years later but I stayed my age and I walked up to the door knocked and came in and I'm like hi dad whats for dinner? He walked back and I ha to explain I was his son... Then he remembered then I said: why do you live here ? It caught on fire it makes me feel freaky..( The house was redone) weird right???? Excuse the cursing but my uncle jeff my mom and my dad were talking about prices lolz !!!
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Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer Tuscarawas County, OH 1-800-TEAM-LAW Ohio Lawsuit
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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tuscarawas County, OH (866) 209-4366 Ohio Lawsuit Settlement

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