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William Lawes (1602-1645) Fantasia from Suite Nr. 2 LEONHARDT CONSORT
Painting by Sir Peter Lely (14 September 1618 -- 30 November 1680) , a painter of Dutch origin, whose career was nearly all spent in England, where he became the dominant portrait painter to the court of King Charles. Photograph is of Devil's Den at Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania. Music by William Lawes (1602, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England—died Sept. 24, 1645, Chester, Cheshire), English composer, prominent during the early Baroque period, noted for his highly original instrumental music. The brother of the composer Henry Lawes, he entered the household of the earl of Hertford about 1612 and in 1635 became a musician to Charles I. Lawes fought with the Royalists during the English Civil Wars (1642--51) and was killed at the siege of Chester. His music includes Great Consort for violin, bass viol, theorbo, and harp; The Royal Consort (a set of dance suites); and fantasias, and anthems.
Thomas E. Miller, Candidate for Adams County Judge
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